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My Panel Questions On Immigration To Congressional Candidates [Audio,Video]

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I did manage to snag the audio from the recent debate where I sat on the panel and questioned House candidates from the 2nd District of New Jersey on immigration.

Below is audio/video of both of the questions I asked and the full responses of the 5 candidates.

Attend your local candidate debates and ask them questions on camera as I did later. The fact is I am nobody special, just an average American, you can do the same. Just prepare your questions ahead of time and make it quick.

Question 1:

My question:
"As we all know we allow immigration into this country in order to benefit the United States.

We also have immigration laws and limits so that those already in this country, American citizens and legal residents, do not have their wages and standard of living adversely impacted and so that our infrastructure, hospitals, schools and other services are not overburdened.

These laws are also in place to ensure that those coming to the United States do not have criminal pasts, carry dangerous diseases or pose a threat to our communities and national security.

Illegal aliens bypass all of these checks and balances without the benefits of the United States in mind, but for their own benefit.

So my question to you is this:

As a representative for the district would you sponsor, co-sponsor or vote in favor of ANY bill that included a pathway to citizenship or amnesty for illegal aliens?"

Question 2:

"We have a real problem with unscrupulous businesses in this country using cheap illegal alien labor as an unfair competitive business advantage. One of the best solutions businesses have to ensure that they are hiring a legal workforce is the E-Verify program. Recently that program has been extended for only a period of 6 months and needs to be re-authorized in the coming year.

This question pertains to both of the issues just mentioned.

Do you support the prosecution and mandatory incarceration for business owners who use the unfair competitive business practice of hiring illegal aliens? And also do you support the re-authorization of E-verify – and a bill that would make it mandatory for all businesses in the United States to use E-Verify?"


See my interviews of candidates Peter Boyce and Rep Frank LoBiando that I did after the event at my full entry on the debate entitled "Digger Sits On Panel, Grills NJ Congressional Candidates On Immigration"

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