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A Reader Is Fed Up With Illegals, Their Impact On Mortages And The Bailout

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Reader "Mad As Hell" sent in this email that encompasses a lot of the frustration and anger over illegal immigration, its impact on the mortgage industry and now the bailout. While I don't agree with all of it, I post it in full below.


Everywhere I look I see "Home Loans" No SSN Required.

My question is..... what percentage of illegal immigrants took out Home loans and defaulted on their mortgages only to run back to Mexico/Central America or how many of them just picked up another fake ID card in order to retain yet another loan? How much of the Home Mortgage crisis can be blamed on the lenders lending money to these illegal immigrants?

Why are the current Presidential hopefuls not even speaking about illegal immigration and the toll it's taken on the Home mortgage crisis? Are they afraid that they will lose the Hispanic vote because half of their relatives are here illegally?

I'm for anyone coming to this country "LEGALLY" and going through the proper channels but I have no use for the illegal immigrants who come here and take advantages of this Great Nation only to strip it of it's precious resources (that is....what's left of them). They do not help the economy. The don't pay taxes or FICA because they have no SSN all the while we pay our taxes so their children can go to school under yet another failed Bush policy in which "Any child can go to school".

Their lack of respect for those that do come here and go through the proper channels to obtain Legal citizenship should not be tolerated. They have destroyed their countries and now the locusts are here eating away at our countries resources. They do not care about the American way of life as they only go through the motions of working and have no respect for their job duties and they are here simply for the money of which most goes back to their home lands. If you don't believe me then watch the locust mowing crews as they sweep through the neighborhoods devouring everything within the mower blades path.

I mow my own yard as well as my neighbors yards and I mow them with great pride because I do the REAL JOB that the Illegal Immigrants can't do due to their ignorance of understanding or wanting or even willing to learn what being a proud American is really all about. It's not about their loud Latino music playing through all hours of the night because they want to tell their neighbors about their proud Latino heritage (which is nothing more than being loud, rude and obnoxious), it's not about their beer bottles that fall from their vehicles and break and spread broken glass for the other neighbors to view only to drive away the next day without cleaning their mess up. What pride can come from their lack of respect of their neighbors? I did not know that Selfishness was another word for pride!

When the illegal immigrants start taking care of their neighbors and respecting those who live around them and respecting their neighbors rights to privacy then I will start to respect their cultures as well but they are only here for the money and they might as well be on wall street with the rest of the money grubbers who only go through the motions of life with no concern or respect of others.

People can call me a racist all they want because I will be the first to agree with them that I am indeed a racist when it comes to illegal immigrants.

On the good side of all this mess maybe the economy here will become so bad that they will run back to their homelands just as they ran from theirs when their country failed them. That says something in itself about illegal immigrants. What would Mexico and Central America do if the American Economy failed and we invaded their borders and homeland? They would end up slitting our throats and leaving us for dead.


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Posted by Digger on September 27, 2008 11:58 AM (Permalink)

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Mad As Hell,
I hope you watched the presidential debate at Ole Miss. Barack Obama made the statement that he would "make sure that every young person in America would have the opportunity for a secondary education." Clearly, he has no intention of discerning whether or not they are in the country legally. More money spent on illegal aliens means more money out of your pocket.

Posted by: Angry American on September 27, 2008 07:53 PM

For the past year Wells Fargo has been calling my cell and asking for "Maria Santiago". Then two months ago I started getting calls for another Hispanic name. About 5 months ago I called Wells Fargo trying to straighten this mess out. After 2 hours on the phone (my minutes) and 4 different people, I was rudely told there was nothing that they could do. I'd finally had it and told "Eric" that if they wanted to give loans to illegals who have NO plans at paying them back, to FIRST verify the information. He yelled at me calling me everything in the book PLUS a racist. So the next time they call, I'm giving the address to the "suspected" illegals next door whose dogs keep us awake all night. That's a whole different nightmare of a story.

Posted by: Molly on September 28, 2008 11:29 PM


What don't you agree with in the "Fed Up with Illegals email? Seems to me it's pretty mild.

Posted by: mari on September 29, 2008 02:37 PM

What don't you agree with

Well, basing your whole view of "Latino culture" with only that of illegal alien thugs mainly. However, if that is all you have been exposed to of that culture I can see where they are coming from...

Posted by: Digger on September 29, 2008 03:10 PM

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