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Leimert Park Rally For Jamiel Shaw Law A Success

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This report just in from Chelene of Save Our State on the rally held this weekend in support of Jamiel's Law to rescind Special Order 40 in Los Angeles.

It sounds like they had a great time and had good results.

If you missed the live broadcast of the event on the Last Americans Standing show you can listen to an archive of the show (August 24, 2008) and hear some great interviews with Chelene, Ted Hayes, Terry Anderson and Jamiel Shaw Sr. and others.


A completely successful event! Our mission was to collect Jamiel's Law petition signatures, raise awareness about Jamiel's Law, support the Shaws, register voters, and to let the city officials know that Jamiel's Law not only has mass support, but also brings unity in all our communities! Our mission was completed!!

116 signatures were gathered today. (And the Shaws were staying until 5pm, so I am sure they gathered a few more. Althea told me their average on Sundays is usually only 20-25 signatures.). In addition 10 completed petitions were turned in by supporters. The Shaws also brought a large stack of blank petitions which were all distributed out to supporters promising to collect signatures!! And two people registered to vote!!

ABC 7, our local friendly American media, showed up to interview us!! We really appreciate ABC 7!! And also a big thank you to William Gheen who had us on air live for his national Last American Standing Show! It was really nice that we had an entire listening audience supporting us!! Thank you.

Over 100 ralliers showed up today with Jamiel Shaw signs and American flags! Many new faces!!! And of course several old friends!! Heather, great to see you!! LAPhil, glad you decided to attend!!

Our ralliers were fortunately met with a VERY supportive community!! The honks of support were really amazing!! And many pulled over to sign the petition!! (Quite the contrast of last year's Leimert Park march.)

Today we broke in the new SOS bullhorn donated by the lovely Ohighglass!! (And thank you Blackfelines for picking our new bullhorn up and bringing it to the event!!) Many special guest speakers helped us break in the SOS bullhorn!! A special message of gratitude to radio talk show host Terry Anderson, the next mayor of LA - Walter Moore, and of course Jamiel Shaw, Sr. - always an impactful speech!!

Other great speakers included congressional candidate Ted Hayes, Board of Education candidate Rabbi Nachum Shifren, the always lovely Barbara Coe, the very passionate Frank Jorge (very powerful speech today), David Hernandez who constantly defends our community - this time with Prop R. Keith Hardine who announced today he will indeed run for LA City Council!!(Bravo), the very articulate Terrance Lang, and many other supporters of the Shaws and Save Our State. And although he did not speak, a special thank you to talk show radio host Kevin James for coming out to support our rally!!

Thank you everyone!! LA needs Jamiel's Law and today we came one step closer to achieving this goal!

We did not have any counterprotesters today! There were only a couple minor incidents. One was winding down as I showed up at 10:45, a local did not want us there apparently. Also there was a permitted event at the park today and the lady running the event was apparently not a Jamiel Shaw supporter. She tried to get the city services gestapo (fake police) to remove us. A rumor floated around after one of our ralliers overheard her tell someone that the police were going to come and remove us from the park. I am sure after last Sunday's raid this idea was quickly dismissed.

Brook attended to film the event and others photographed. Videos and photos soon.

Again a big thank you to everyone who attended today!! And again Happy Birthday Sandy!!

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