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William Gheen Vs. Francisco Hernandez On Bolgona Family Deaths By illegal Alien Edwin Ramos [Video]

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William Gheen debates Francisco Hernandez - the brother of Juan Hernandez - on who is at fault for the deaths of Tony Bologna and his two sons at the hands of illegal alien Edwin Ramos.

Obviously it is the sanctuary policies of San Francisco and Mayor Gavin Newsom that allowed Edwin Ramos to be released from jail and not deported. They didn't report Ramos to the feds prior to his release because of their ridiculous sanctuary city policy.

However, the feds are also at fault because they allowed Edwin Ramos to get into this country and remain here in the first place as an illegal alien. In addition the feds are slow and renown for ignoring city and county officials who report illegal aliens. As far as you reporting an illegal alien to ICE and actually having anything done? Fat chance!

The funny part of this video is that they introduce Francisco Hernandez as just an "immigration attorney". They don't point out that he is a dual citizen of Mexico and the US or a staunch open borders amnesty proponent - even if it costs law abiding Americans their lives. What is most disgusting is that Hernandez seems to ignore the tragedy of the situation and uses his time to call for amnesty under the guise of a guest worker program, suggesting that if we would have made all these illegal aliens legal that this situation wouldn't have happened.

The fact is that people like Ramos come into our country. They are not screened as to their criminal background and making them legal will not change their criminal behavior one bit. This guy is a criminal through and through, it's just a tragedy that he got into this country in the first place and was allowed to remain here.

I particularly like how Gheen didn't let Fox and the Cavuto show get away with just stating Hernandez was an "immigration attorney". The Cavuto show is notorious for being pro-illegal alien as in their eyes it's all about cheap labor for business. Gheen stated Hernandez's actual ties to Bush, his brother Juan, John McCain and the open borders policies that they have pushed. For those are the true reasons that this situation happened. Now if Gavin Newsom would be crucified as should justly be done for his arrogant policies on allowing illegal aliens to run free in his city.

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I think Gheen was exactly correct and that President Bush has the blood of thousands of Americans killed by illegal aliens on his hands. We will always hold him accountable for not upholding his oath to protect the United States from all enemies foreign and domestic. Pres. Bush is directly responsible for the invasion of our country by taking actions such as removing the National Guard from the border and letting these killers into our country. He should be impeached for treason and high crimes and imprisoned.

Posted by: Bernard Carroll on July 28, 2008 01:51 AM

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