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Obama: 'You need to make sure your child can speak Spanish' [Video]

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Barack Obama wants you to "make sure your child can speak Spanish". Addressing an audience in Powder Springs, GA on English as the official language, Obama said that there are people in this country who only want people to speak English. Now while I am sure there are some far out there people who believe that, it has nothing to do with the English as the official language platform.

People who support English as the official language also believe that people should be able to learn foreign languages. Where there's a divide, and Obama is playing the fear card on this one and outright lying, is when our kids in school are being forced to learn a specific foreign language or fail. Or when taxpayers are expected to provide voting materials and other government documents in every language under the sun. Or when our kids can't learn in school because 50% of the time a teacher is spending trying to translate for kids who can't understand the language let alone the material.

I see absolutely no need to provide anything government related in any other language other than English, except for with the possible exception of how to legally immigrate to the US. And even there the burden should be on the applicant to hire a translator or lawyer, not on the US taxpayer to provide the forms in their chosen language. The burden for that, if groups so choose to support multi-language documents, should not be on the US taxpayers, but on these groups that claim they care about these immigrants.

Also in the speech he claims that immigrants will learn English, but the fact is they are no longer doing so. They are not assimilating. With the prevalence of television via satellite and cable in their own language, businesses who provide to them in their language, food with labeling in their language from their country, schools being taught in their language, all official documents being provided in their own language, there really is no need for them to learn English and "fit in". So, no Obama they will not learn English.

The fact that Obama would come right out and say that you better make sure your kids speak Spanish makes you really wonder where his presidency would take us. Is it because under an Obama presidency our schools are going to be only taught in Spanish (oh wait I'm taking the fear tactic he is using). Or is it because he is going to be looking out for Spanish speaking people more than the rest of English speaking Americans thus ensuring it grows to an even worse divide in this country? Is it because his open border policies are going to ensure that Spanish will be the dominant language in the US within their lifetimes? Is this the "Change we can believe in" the sign behind him says as he gives the speech? If so, no thanks.

The fact is that during the 80's when the Japanese were dominating in business the word was out, "if you want to advance your business career you should learn Japanese". There was no call for children being forced to learn Japanese. There was no push to allow millions of illegal aliens from Japan in the country. There was none of that. There was a suggestion that it would be a good tactic for your career. Being told that you must learn something though for basic survival is basically a threat of things to come from this inexperienced one term Senator who really has nothing but the ability to give good speeches (and even that is questionable after the one below).

Watch the outrageous video below, it speaks for itself... in English.

Tipped by reader SoFlaPatriot

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Posted by Digger on July 9, 2008 02:18 AM (Permalink)

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Press 1 for McCain in English;
Press 2 para Obama en Espanol.

The reason most Euros speak two languages (their own plus English) is because English is the international language. Spanish is not.

Obama is clearly pandering to those who want to force the US to become a bilingual nation in order to accomodate the hordes of illegal aliens who would flood in under his presidency.

Posted by: Liz H on July 9, 2008 10:15 PM

Ok, I thought Senator Obama had some intelligence in his head until he made his absurd remarks today. He said, "Americans should learn to speak Spanish." Um, I have learned Spanish. And (yes, a sentence can correctly begin with "and"), as a very white Caucasian, I am very proud to speak, read and write Spanish very well. I took five years of this language--four in high school and one in college. Now, Mr. Obama claims that immigrants do learn English here in the good old USA. Well, it seems the would-be (er, wanna be) presidential hopeful has never spent any real time here in California. When I patronize most fast-food restaurants here (which is often), I routinely encounter Hispanic workers who do not speak any English and do not even know the English word for "lettuce." This is an item these workers are handling all day and they can't even learn this simple word. I will tell you what it is in Spanish. It is "lechuga." Now, these immigrants (likely illegal) better learn to speak some English. After all, that is the basic requirement for US citizenship. Maybe, just maybe, if they learned enough English, taxpayers would not have to pay millions of dollars for voting materials to be printed in hundreds of different languages.

Posted by: David Smith on July 10, 2008 12:05 AM

Maybe, just maybe, if they learned enough English, taxpayers would not have to pay millions of dollars for voting materials to be printed in hundreds of different languages

And the ridiculousness of that is that it is a requirement under law to become a citizen you must show the ability to read and write English. Which then of course you must be a citizen to vote. So if you have to read and write English to become a citizen, and then to vote, then why the need for multilingual ballots and materials?

See how that works? Apparently our leaders don't - it's too complex for them - and they continue to waste millions of yours and my money.

Posted by: Digger on July 10, 2008 04:40 AM

Your point that we should not have to teach our children Spanish is valid but your article is a rant rather than a thought out commentary.

I am not a fan of Obama but he is actually saying that Spanish is becoming a force in the US (and worldwide) because of the increasing Spanish speaking population in the US and around the globe. It would be worthwhile to know another language to communicate more broadly, even if it is to sell American cars, which, as you know are not selling so well these days even in America.

Entropy at http://brainthorn.blogspot.com

Posted by: Entropy on July 10, 2008 11:01 AM

Well, there goes one of my arguments that illegal aliens are refusing to learn english and assimilate. Of course, why didn't I realize that instead of fighting the burglar I should just step aside and let the burglar steal the store? This guy, and McCain, are nuts. Go Bob Barr. I am considering getting a gun and taking care of this problem personally. C'mon, government, charge me with making threats. I have plenty of material to use in my defense at my trial, including that which justifies our military. National defense.

Posted by: ken pope on July 10, 2008 11:55 AM

RACISM!!! Hispanic voters supposedly choose illegal aliens over our national sovereignty. Apparently, they do this for racial reasons. Who are the real racists?

Posted by: ken pope on July 10, 2008 12:01 PM

"...Spanish is becoming a force in the US (and worldwide) because of the increasing Spanish speaking population in the US and around the globe."

I can't comment on the globe, and, frankly I don't care, but in the good ol US the increasing spanish speaking population is due to illegal aliens.

What do you think we are objecting to?

Posted by: ken pope on July 10, 2008 12:07 PM

What a complete arrogant a**hat!

Posted by: Lynn - Naples, FL on July 10, 2008 03:23 PM

And this Leftist Peice of Crap, has told you before, but you people don't listen. BLAME WHITEY..............

Posted by: Jack Ripper on July 10, 2008 04:17 PM

Obama and his ignorant elitist comments are exactly why we need to make English the official language of the US. If we did so, we could save MILLIONS in tax dollars by only printing all documents in English. Right now, there are over 100 languages printed for people -- it's absurd! If this leftist piece of terd gets into the WH, we're all screwed. I pray McAmnesty will at least choose Mitt Romney as his VP running mate. It's the economy stupid and who better to turn that around than Mitt Romney?!?

Posted by: Sarah on July 10, 2008 06:12 PM

McCain was wrong on amnesty, but McCain does support strict border and employer enforcements, and he voted for English as the official language.

Press 1 for McCain in English;
Press 2 por Obama en Espanol

Posted by: Liz H on July 11, 2008 07:11 AM

Of all the foreign languages Obama could choose from, he chooses espanol? How stupid does he think we are? I will take France, as he mentioned, and their language laws.

As far as McCain being a better choice (McCain-Kennedy), we have a choice of pro illegal alien candidates who are liberal and socialist liberal. We are so screwed...

Posted by: ken pope on July 14, 2008 09:58 AM

Great article, Digger! You are always right on! English should be OUR national language. It is the international language as well. One township near here spent over $400,000 in the last electon for ballots in 150 languages, taxpayer money down the drain because they didn't make English the language of that township. Every municipality can make English their official language by use of a petition and vote. We all need to do that before we are forced to become bilingual. I for one know a little Spanish but will not be forced to speak it. I was born an American, my ancestors learned English to survive and become Americans and assimilated to a country they love. As for Obama, he's a North American Union man, as is McCain. If EITHER of these evils get elected we are in deep trouble. We need a patriot in office, one who will turn this around for the American people of the U.S.A. The reason I put in U.S.A. is that when Obama or McCain speak of the American people we don't know if they speak of North American Union Americans or U.S. Americans. When they say they'll create jobs (right,more lies) for all Americans do they mean North American Union Americans or U.S.? How does a country create more jobs by flooding it with millions of illegal aliens and then grant them citizenship? Millions of Americans already out of work and they want more foreign workers. Idiots! There's a new flag already done for the NAU. www.StopTheNorthAmericanUnion.com, or www.jbs.org, or www.grassfire.org. See for yourself what these evil people have in mind for us. Whites and blacks will be the minority and anyone who goes against their plans will be detained in one of the many camps FEMA is building. Socialist to communist right under our noses. Oh,I almost forgot that Obama's mentor in college was a communist. They're using Hispanic groups and their racist views to create unrest and take our thoughts away from their agenda, the NAU. I believe Ron Paul should be written into our ballots this November. He's been in government many years as a Senator and understands what government has done and is planning for the U.S. www.RonPaulRevolution.com We need to fight back! And soon, as in NOW!

Posted by: Beverly Syd` on July 14, 2008 11:56 AM

I believe Ron Paul should be written into our ballots this November. He's been in government many years as a Senator and understands what government has done and is planning for the U.S.

My only question for you and Mr. Paul, Beverly, is why he is still aligning himself with the Republican Party? Why does he not go independent?

That is what has always led me to question Mr. Paul's true beliefs. That and the fact that he took the money and then quit the race rather than stay in and let his supporters have an actual chance to vote for him after they sent him all their money.

Me thinks politics is behind his decisions rather than the American people.

Posted by: Digger on July 14, 2008 08:22 PM

Wow- amazing how you all choose to believe anything the media forces down your throat. Had you been there you would have known ENTIRELY what Obama said (this is a clip out of his statements). 1st of all Obama was asked a two part question about education and the subject of pushing our children to learn another language. People in other countries learn more than one language but most in America choose not to- why? Oh yeah that's right everybody speaks English so there is no need to push our children to expand their minds. Wow! Doesn't that seem elitist(or dumb)? I want my children to be all they can and LEARN all they can.

Posted by: Candice on December 18, 2008 07:31 AM

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