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Minuteman Robin Assaulted At Protest In Rancho Cucamonga [Pics]

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Minuteman Robin Hvidston, was assaulted at a recent protest in Rancho Cucamonga, California. The assault was made while Mexican TV was filming and she sends in this report below.


Anchorman Juan Rocha of Azteca TV, Mexico City, contacted Raymond Herrera in order to film Minutemen in action. On June 11, 2008, Azteca TV filmed Minutemen at the Rancho Cucamonga Day Laborer Site and other areas, such as the border and congress members' offices.



Azteca TV Mexico City Reporter Juan Rocha interviewed day laborer "English teacher" above. The man was calling us racists, etc. Day laborers across the street were jeering at us. Flipping us off.

The reporter and TV camera man were startled as well as shocked at the behavior of their fellow countrymen - day laborers - in Rancho Cucamonga.

The reporter said day laborer sites are not allowed in Mexico. He said, "They know better. They wouldn't do this in Mexico."


Day laborer above chastised Minutemen in a loud diatribe - in a vile and contentious manner. Minutemen stood their ground, holding American flags. Observing.


The above day laborer supporter - eyes red from alcohol - was caustic in an interview with the TV reporter. He even said, "We're going to kick your ass" to Raymond Herrera, on camera, above photo.

We had filmed at the day laborer site for approximately 30 minutes.



The man at right in the photo above, drove past - stopped his vehicle in the intersection, and hollered out, "I'll be right there. Don't go away." A few minutes later he stormed toward the Minutemen - yelling.

As he approached, Herrera dialed 911.

Robin Hvidston was holding a professional sign that read SUPPORT AMERICAN WORKERS, as the TV cameraman wanted to film sign-holding.

The yelling man lunged at Hvidston - injuring her right hand - as he stole the professionally made sign from out of her hand, as well as flyers. The assailant attempted to rip the vinyl sign in half. When he could not, he mangled the sign.


Above, the assailant holds the stolen sign - the theft was captured by the Azteca TV film crew - to be shown on TV in Mexico. He behaved as if he had done a noble deed, by stealing the sign.

The day laborers and their supporters cheered the man on, with the stolen sign.

Herrera trailed the assailant - who lived in nearby apartments - as Herrera spoke to the 911 operator - describing the assailant's appearance, weight, clothing, features, etc.


Mangled sign in the man's right hand. He continually yelled, "You are bothering my friends, the day laborers." He railed against the Minutemen, yelling.


He put the mangled sign in a trash can as Herrera, in constant contact with the 911 operator - remained on the telephone until officers arrive.



Upland officers arrived and separated the parties - taking control of the scene. All the while, Azteca TV anchor Juan Rocha continued filming. The day laborers were across the street.


Opposition leader, female above, arrives and chastises police

Upland Police Officers upon assessment determined the jurisdiction was that of Rancho Cucamonga Sheriff's Department as the incident occurred in Rancho Cucamonga. Three Upland Police Officers detained the assailant and waited for Rancho Cucamonga Sheriffs to arrive - approximately 15 minutes.

During that time, the day laborers were joined by several activists and opposition leaders, summoned via a telephone network - the arriving leaders, whipped the day laborers - who were across the street - into a frenzy against law enforcement.



Upon arrival, the Rancho Cucamonga Sherrif Deputy met with the Upland Police and then interviewed the individuals involved and arrested the assailant.


As the deputy sheriff arrested the assailant, the activists were yelling at the officers.


The woman at right, an activist, was yelling, "THE MINUTEMEN ARE RACISTS!" As the officer arrested the assailant, the activist exploded with rage, attempting to prevent the arrest, screaming out "RACISTS!"

She was interviewed by Azteca TV Anchor Rocha. Upon completion of the interview, the Minutemen left with the TV crew for the next venue.

Hvidston was examined in the emergency room. She had a injured right wrist and thumb with swelling. The emergency room physician put a splint on the severely sprained site and prescribed pain medication. She has a follow up visit with her physician.


Thanks for this report Robin. You are doing fabulous work out there in California and you may not realize it, but many American citizens are thankful for all of your continued efforts.

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She is an American hero of the caliber of the founding fathers.

Heal swiftly. The battle rages on!

Posted by: Carson on June 21, 2008 03:27 AM

Thank you Guys, I love a "Good Story" to start my day. Ya think all the "Brothers" at L.A. County Jail, will give a welcome to our brave "Latino woman beater"?

Posted by: Jack Ripper on June 21, 2008 09:01 AM

Graet way to start my day, with a cup of coffee, and a Damn good story. Yeah, I do believe that "The Brothers" at L.A. County lock-up. will give a real American welcome to a Latino Woman Beater. But I could be wrong. Gloria Molina could have that Ben-Day-Ho, out on the street, Pronto..

Posted by: Jack Ripper on June 21, 2008 09:11 AM

Predictable -- keep up the good fight! The screams of racism are only going to get worse with the Obama campaign as he tries to hoodwink people into voting for him.

Posted by: April on June 23, 2008 03:22 PM

pobresito Mexico tan lejos de dios y tan cerca de USA


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