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California To Allow Landlords To Discriminate Against Smokers

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California hasn't given up its attack on those worthless Americans known as smokers. There is now legislation being put through that will allow landlords to discriminate against renting to smokers on the basis that it is unhealthy for other residents.

Step by step California marches towards not only taking away rights of people one at a time, but towards the inevitable 1930's gangland that was prohibition. If things like this pass expect smoking speakeasies and midnight raids by police on resident's homes.

Family Security Matters

The predominately Democrat California legislature is at it again, coming up with different ways to take your personal freedoms away for the sake of a few.

On the heels of attempting to make spanking a misdemeanor, the legislature now wants to make it permissible for a landlord to prevent smoking in apartment buildings on the pretext of protecting other tenants from secondhand smoke. The spineless legislator who sponsored the bill didn't have the courage to make it a crime under the state's Health and Safety Code. The proposed legislation merely allows the landlord to make the decision, essentially making him the bad guy.

... Why postpone the inevitable when you could just ban smoking altogether?

Critics to the proposed legislation like the Western Center on Law and Poverty maintain such law would discriminate against the poor, the disabled and "people of color." I'm not sure what a person's income, disability or skin color has to do with anything when it comes to smoking. But the point is those people, along with rich white apartment dwellers, will have yet another personal freedom taken away from them, if the California state legislature gets its way.

I'm not sure what race or class has to do with rights either. Expect them to be dictating that you can't cook certain foods in your residence. Those little oil particles may make your neighbor have bad skin.

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Posted by Digger on June 16, 2008 10:43 PM (Permalink)

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Digger, I understand where you are coming from but I must respectfully disagree. There are laws (wrongfully) telling property owners who they must rent to and employers who they must hire. In this case, I believe a property owner should be able to rent to whoever they want and for any reason they want :-). After all, it is the property owner who takes risk as to how well tenants will respect their rental.

Posted by: ken pope on June 17, 2008 12:11 PM

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