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Jamiel Shaw Law Rally With Ted Hayes And Save Our State In LA - June 21 [Video]

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Well this is certainly an event I would attend if I was on the west coast. Ted Hayes, Save Our State, Choose Black America, California Coalition for Immigration Reform and West Side Illegal Immigration Reform are marching for Jamiel's law on June 21, 2008. This law would put an end to the "Special Order 40" sanctuary policy in Los Angeles and stop the senseless deaths and crime that are being committed by illegal aliens in that city.

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This is a law that only an idiot would oppose. Common sense. Deport illegal alien criminals the first time they are caught!

This is an event to be at. Below is a video promoting the event and giving you a little more information on Jamiel Shaw and who he was.

They need a little help in the way of some donations, so please help out by reading below. They're not asking for much.

By the way Ted Hayes is currently running for congress and you can learn more about him and support him at www.tedhayes.us

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This march is crucial for the salvation of our nation and most importantly the future of our children!

For those who may not know, Jamiel Shaw was a young gentlemen with a bright future!! A high school football star and loving son! He was gunned down by an illegal alien gang member. A senseless crime that was preventable if our city, our state, our nation enforced our LAWS!! Mayor Villar is no Walter Moore! Mayor Villar runs a sanctuary city in which criminals are literally getting away with murder!

This story should outrage ALL American citizens regardless of race, color, creed, or religion!! The City of LA is now trying to portray Jamiel Shaw as a gangbanger and some type of villain! The City wants the nation to think this was just gang related. Some are trying to turn this issue into a race war. Plain and simple, this story is about CRIMINAL, LAW BREAKING, ILLEGAL ALIENS!! Our nation needs to ENFORCE OUR LAWS!!

Jamiel's mother, Anita Shaw is a Sgt. in the Army. She was serving in Iraq at the time of her son's senseless death. Anita Shaw an AMERICAN soldier serving our nation! Is this how we repay our soldiers? They are defending our nation..we can not allow our soldiers to come back to a lawless, borderless society. We owe our American heros!!

Please join together as we support the Shaws and the Black American community who are most affected by the criminal invasion! The march is Saturday, June 21st. We will meet on the corner of Olympic & Broadway at 10am. We will march sharply at noon to City Hall!

Ted and I do have a couple requests:

1. Donations for portable bathrooms ($300). Either go to http://www.tedhayes.us/page1.html and donate via paypal or if you want to send a check, send to Save Our State, PO Box 91000, San Bernardino, CA 92427 and write portables in the subject line. ALL donations will go towards portables and other march expenses.

2. We need bullhorns!! So please bring your bullhorns to the event!

3. We need help with security!! Please email me at media@saveourstate.org if you can assist us with security.

4. Your cooperation. This is a high profile case and Ted is running for congress. We are asking that everyone simply ignore our counterprotesters. We need everyone to be on your best patriotic behavior. We are representing America, the Shaws, and Ted. Thank you for your understanding!!


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Let's show up people, before you are burying your child...........

Posted by: Jack Ripper on June 14, 2008 09:46 AM

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