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Note To The GOP From An American Citizen

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Below is an article written by reader Carolyn Cooke about the sorry state of the GOP and the nomination of John McCain as its representative in this upcoming presidential election. The frustration within the Republicans in this nation and Conservatives in general is palpable and I feel Carolyn's points pretty much sum it up. I post it in full below.


Note To The GOP From An American Citizen

Much has been said and written about what the GOP needs to do to take back Congress or to at least remain relevant in American politics, but few are talking about the obstreperous elephant in the room, John McCain.

John McCain is on a mission to destroy the majority conservative wing of the Republican Party and to replace it with a version closely resembling a ‘Soros’-light’ Party – a Party virtually indistinguishable from the Democrat Party. He loves to brag about “crossing the aisle” to join the left to create pieces of legislation and now he will likely govern with a Democrat majority in Congress if elected President. McCain uses the ruse of declaring he is able to ‘unite’ and ‘compromise’ on issues of great concern for our country. What he is compromising are our Constitutional freedoms and America’s sovereignty.

Our presumptive Republican nominee has a selfish streak a mile long. John McCain does not care if most of the Republican Party is unrepresented and Republican candidates are defeated because of his leftist, globalist positions. McCain wants to win without conservative votes and he certainly does not want anyone bucking him in Congress. While embracing left-wing causes wholeheartedly, such as the United Nations’ global warming agenda, a big ‘no’ to drilling for oil in Anwar or offshore to decrease U.S. foreign oil dependency, open borders and amnesty for illegal aliens, McCain believes he can capture the majority of the liberal and pro-open borders Republican and Independent votes along with enough Democrat votes to win the Presidency. As the base of the Republican Party is drifting away, the GOP needs to wake up to the fact that John McCain is busy putting holes in their candidates’ life rafts. A ‘brokered’ Republican convention and a Conservative candidate would be the best solution for the Party and America.

George Bush along with weak-willed Republican members of the Congress began the dilution of conservatism as defined by William F. Buckley, Jr. and President Ronald Reagan with their profound belief in governing according to the U.S. Constitution and with the intent of the Founding Fathers. Both men had an abiding love for the United States of America. The talking heads and magazines of the Main Stream Media and the Neo-cons are busily promoting the idea that conservatism has faded into obscurity in order to demoralize us. Don’t be fooled by their wistful propaganda. We keep hearing from them we need “a unity party”. What they are actually saying is the Constitution of the United States is obsolete.

A move to the left and globalism, without opposition in Congress, will occur if McCain is elected President. What can be expected from McCain, the Democrats and a few renegade Republicans will be attempts to enable domination of the corrupt United Nations over U.S. policy, treaties benefiting other countries at the expense of U.S. sovereignty along with the transfer of U.S. wealth out of the country, such as the Law of the Sea Treaty, Western Hemispheric treaties implemented by the Organization of American States, and NAFTA-like free trade agreements. This entire agenda is replete with open borders, amnesty, and socialism. McCain fails to mention the enormous cost of his agenda to taxpayers (amnesty alone will be in the trillions of dollars, according to Robert Rector of the Heritage Foundation, as 30 million+ low-skilled workers enter the workforce), to our standard of living and our economy, to our self-determination as a free nation, and most of all, to our Constitutionally-guaranteed rights and freedoms.

John McCain’s agenda will be pursued against the will of the majority of the American people. These are positions McCain has supported in the past, though Candidate McCain currently tries to run from many of them. McCain has never paid heed to the will of “we the people” when enacting or trying to enact anti-free speech, anti-second amendment, massive crippling amnesty for millions of illegal aliens and their families, including criminal aliens (he voted against an amendment to his comprehensive amnesty bill last summer barring criminal aliens, terror suspects and gang members from U.S. citizenship), and opposition to the Bush tax cuts. Just as he turned his back on the POW/MIA’s left behind in Vietnam and denigrated their families, he will ignore the American people and disrespect our Constitution.

However, there will be one big problem for McCain and Company: the core principles of conservatives within the Republican Party and within America have not diminished but continue to remain strong and spread as Americans awaken to what is being done to this country. What the Party needs now is conservative leadership in Congress, in spite of and instead of, John McCain, and not a shift toward the policies of George Soros, his benefactor. Conservative principles are what the GOP refused to stand for in the years leading up to the elections of 2006. This is why they are apparently willing to follow candidate McCain, like lemmings over the cliff.

At the core of Conservatism is loyalty to the United States Constitution, and a commitment to uphold the enduring principles of liberty and the God-given ‘inalienable’ rights this founding document protects. A conservative platform will bring voters to the polls. The John McCains of this world know this and they desperately want the Constitution, and its proponents, to disappear so they can enact their globalist agenda under the auspices of the United Nations. The Neo-cons and internationalists want to change this country beyond recognition. They must either destroy or go around the Constitution to accomplish this.

The GOP needs more out-spoken, unabashed conservatives, like Representative Walter Jones (R) of North Carolina. Representative Jones should be the template for all GOP candidates. He has integrity, honesty, steadfast beliefs, and he loves the U.S. Constitution. He is also a servant to his constituents and speaks the truth in spite of the possible political consequences. Such courage is rare in Washington, yet is a trait most Americans are desperate to find in their elected officials. Congressman Jones gave his Bush administration-backed North Carolina primary opponent a solid thumping at the polls because of his character and his belief in America and our Constitution. Like Walter Jones, conservatives need to worry less about the party and more about the country,

If the Republican National Committee will not have the courage to heed the calls for a ‘brokered convention’ to stop the ill-advised, dubious McCain nomination, then Republican candidates need to stand strongly against his plans to further undermine the U.S. Constitution and self-determination as a nation and as citizens in a free society. McCain already had a history of intentionally poking Republican Congressmen in the eye, as with his “gang of 14”, halting the appointment of strict Constitutionalist judges. It is clear John McCain left the Republican Party a long time ago and now it is time for the Grand Old Party to leave him—for the sake of the country.

Republican Senators and Congressmen, take a principled stand and apply conservative, Constitutionally sound solutions to today’s problems. Fight for the United States Constitution, instead of losing your seats because you have sold your soul and sold out your country.

Carolyn Cooke

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Posted by Digger on June 5, 2008 05:02 PM (Permalink)

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Amen Carolyn...great letter. I don't trust Juan McCain for anything, but he's getting my vote sadly. What's the choice -- OBAMA?!? I do think that anyone who is registered as a Republican should switch to Independent and call the RNC to tell them you are doing so until they start acting like REPUBLICANS!
RNC: 202-863-8500 Sadly, there are only a handful of strong conservatives in the GOP these days. The rest are too busy trying to be more like the liberals and that sickens me. Please vote out of office all the old timers who are too comfortable in DC -- we need to support new strong conservatives running for office.

Posted by: April on June 6, 2008 12:29 PM

She wants a "brokered convention" so the party elite can appoint a leader other than the one selected by the voters. That is not the core value of the Republican party that I used to know

Posted by: Ralph on June 6, 2008 04:40 PM

I don't know what to say about that. I agree with most of what you wrote about conservatives. Where I get off is where you say John McCain is not one. The gang of 14 was responsible for five of the seven federal appointees that were being held up making it to the bench. It also assured Roberts and Alito's position on the Supreme Court. I admit the bill on Illegal immigration was not a good idea, but has McCain said it's the best deal we could get, and it probably was at least in the Senate. If it had gone to the House they would have added more restrictions on who was eligible for Citzenship. The thing is if a democrat signs that bill it'll be truly amnesty. If that happens the Latino vote will go to the Democrats and that is pretty much the end of the Republican Party. We can't win elections with only the white male vote. As for a brokered convention I was hoping for that when Huckabee was still in the race, but once McCain got 1191 that idea was dead.
Just to be clear I am totally against giving anyone that came into this country illegally citzenship. However if you changed it to a pathway to permenant residency, the difference being they wouldn't be able to vote. I might be for it as long as we got the border secured so we wouldn't have the same problem in another twenty years. Without a secure border there's no point in making any kind of deal.

Posted by: The New Conservatives on June 11, 2008 01:21 AM

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