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Bill Richardson On Lou Dobbs Pushing Amnesty [Video]

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New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson went on Lou Dobbs last night and once again pushed amnesty for illegal aliens. In several sections he claims to be for border security and enforcement of the law, but then says it must be done also with legalization. He also goes on and on about how "I'm a border governor", as if that means he knows what he is doing. They should wear the moniker "border governor" with shame not pride as they have been utter failures over the past decades. What Bill Richardson wants is a repeat of the 1986 amnesty, with both legalization and enforcement in one "Comprehensive Immigration Reform" bill, because he knows that all of the enforcement provisions will be ignored - as they currently are.

Well apparently he doesn't know what the hell he is doing because under his tenure as a "border governor" drugs have continued to flow, illegal immigration into this country has increased and violence along the border is increasing. So I say to you now Bill Richardson

You Suck As A Border Governor

... so stop playing that card because it doesn't work when you have been a total failure at defending the people who elected you. You are allowing them to pay for illegal aliens in your state. You are allowing people on a daily basis to be introduced to drugs from south of the border. You are allowing law enforcement along our border to continuously be assaulted. You are allowing citizens in this country to die at the hands of illegal aliens on a daily basis.

Richardson continues insulting Lou Dobbs over and over by saying he has no input in the debate because he is doing so from a New York Studio. In other words Richardson knows better than anyone else and nobody else should have any input on the illegal immigration tragedy currently occurring in this country. How arrogant can you be?

This guy is a disgrace as a border governor and was a disgrace as a presidential candidate. Bill Richardson only has one people in mind and it is not the American people. Let us not forget the racist comments made by Bill Richardson.

We have to band together and that means Latinos in Florida, Cuban-Americans, Mexican-Americans, Puerto Ricans, South Americans - we have to network better - we have to be more politically minded - we have to put aside party and think of ourselves as Latinos, as Hispanics, more than we have in the past.

- Bill Richardson 1996

(Video of this idiot below)

Thanks to reader Lone Wolf for putting up the video.

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Posted by Digger on May 28, 2008 05:10 PM (Permalink)

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John McCain pulls the same stunt.

"My friends (I'm not your friend), I am the senator of a border state. I know how to stop illegal immigration..."

Well, isn't that something. Now he admits he can stop it yet HE HAS CHOSEN NOT TO DO SOMETHING!

Posted by: ken pope on May 29, 2008 04:28 PM

He sounded like a big crybaby to me. "I'm just a governor", "It's a Federal problem" Guys like Richardson just want to give all illegal aliens here legal status. They don't care about border security or national security. They claim it's only 12 million, but it's more like 30 million. When they give them amnesty you can expect another 50 million to come pouring in.

Posted by: Emery on May 30, 2008 08:01 AM

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