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Text And Video Of My Speech In Hazleton And The Flier I Handed Out

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Below is the text and video of my speech I gave at the Voice of the People immigration rally in Hazleton, Pennsylvania on May 1, 2008. Also below is an image of the flier I was handing out to those at the rally.


Hazleton, PA - May 1, 2008

So what do you all think of good ole George W. Bush? Well no matter your opinion of the man there is one good thing that George W. Bush has done for this country.

On April 30, 2003 George W. Bush made this proclamation:

“The Congress, by Public Law 85-529, as amended, has designated May 1 of each year as "Loyalty Day," and I ask all Americans to join me in this day of celebration and in reaffirming our allegiance to our Nation.”

So I say to you now Happy Loyalty Day and long live the United States of America!

Unfortunately, there are others in this country today celebrating a different kind of Loyalty Day all across our nation. These people have come to our country illegally and are now marching through our streets making demands. These people have no loyalty to the United States and have no right to be here. No Right!

Speaking of rights, there is a current lie and deception being perpetrated on we, the American people. You will see it on signs today in their marches when you look at the pictures. This falsehood is being repeated over and over by groups that want illegal immigration to continue – groups like La Raza. That lie is that immigrants, both legal and illegal, in this country have or should be granted Civil Rights.

They are directly trying to hijack the civil rights movement led by the likes of Martin Luther King Jr. and cut it up in some absurd and bizarre pattern to fit illegal aliens. There is just one problem with this - Civil Rights by definition are rights bestowed on citizens by a nation.

They are one of the great benefits of becoming a citizen. Blacks in this country at the time had every right to march and demand equal Civil Rights in this country, for they were American citizens!


Remember that the next time you see them trying to hijack the civil rights movement with their deceptive words.

And as these illegal aliens and their supporters march through our streets demanding rights, they are also demanding more handouts from you, the American people.
(As if they haven’t taken enough from you already)

Here’s an example for you - I promise to keep it brief since it’s a bunch of numbers.

A recent ESR Research Firm report found that in 2007 the government’s estimate of 37 million immigrants, both legal and illegal in this country, cost the US taxpayer $9,000 per immigrant in costs and services. A total of $346 billion for 2007 alone.

The study also found that the government’s estimates of 12 million illegal aliens are well below the true numbers and that it is at least 20 million illegal aliens.

Now to my point. If these 20 million+ illegal aliens are granted amnesty, not only would it show a disregard for our laws and be a slap in the face to those waiting to come here legally, it will literally cost us hundreds of billions of dollars in additional services per year.

Now I have a question for you. How many of you enjoyed paying your taxes this year?

I certainly didn’t.

But as any low wage earning family in this country can tell you, they usually receive a refund. Families usually receive one because of the Earned Income Credit or EIC. This can easily total thousands of dollars in refunds each year for a family.

If we bow to the demands of illegal aliens marching today imagine how much taxpayer money will be going to them in the form of tax refunds alone through EIC. All of the people of this country will suffer as the government either needs to punish Americans by cutting things like the EIC out of the tax code or raise taxes on everyone to cover it - because they surely are not going to cut spending overall.

This is just one single example of how giving into these extortionistsyes, I said extortionists! – will cost you and me and all citizens in the United States of America.

Are you going to give in to these extortionists?

Are you going to sit on your couch and ignore this?

Every night while you sleep Americans are being killed at the hands of illegal aliens in this country. The list of victims is growing. The absolute sadness and heartbreak is spreading to families throughout this country. It absolutely angers me to see my fellow citizens killed by the lack of action of our leaders.

Does it anger you?

How much more of this are you going to take?

Are you going to continue being a victim?

Are you going to spread the word far and wide that our country has been invaded?

Are - you - going - to - fight - for - your - country?

We are in the right on this issue and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

I close with this… we cannot give into the demands of a group of people who have illegally entered our country. A group of people who hold no loyalty to this country. A group of people who are only here to rape our wallets and leave our children destitute. We do not have to stand for this anymore!

No to amnesty. No to sanctuary cities. No to the continued injustice we are being forced to accept.

Thank You, Happy Loyalty Day and Free Ramos and Compean!


The flier I handed out.

Click to enlarge


Video of my Speech.

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Posted by Digger on May 3, 2008 07:05 AM (Permalink)

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Excellent speech Dan, and thanks to Ruth for capturing the video!!! This PatriotWatchdog agrees that "civil rights" are a virtue of CITIZENS, not illegal alien insurgents, and NOT the privilege of pandering racists organizations like the National Council of the Race.

Keep up the good work Dan!

Posted by: Jeff Lewis on June 17, 2008 10:54 AM

Thank you Jeff.

Posted by: Digger on June 17, 2008 01:36 PM

Dear Dan,

I just found your website and, happiliy, agree with what you say about the intentional confusion of the terms "civil rights" and "immigrant rights".

I would like to point others to your website, but I have one constructive criticism when it comes to your speaking style (e.g., your recent Hazleton video).

How you come across on video is very important because, unfortunately, many people would rather watch video-clips than read your actual words. So, please, try not to YELL!

Yes, I realize that it could be that you were just trying to make sure that everyone there could hear you. But, in watching and listening to video of the person whose insightful words I had just read, I was then taken aback by the tone in which you tried to convey those same thoughts.

I, too, sometimes get frustrated when people (like my wife, for example) don't pay attention to the words that I use, preferring instead to look for visual cues, like body language and tone of voice.

When that happens, I then try to moderate or eliminate those cues, so that the listener is not distracted by them, and then can pay better attention to my words.

Yes, sometimes I forget my own advice and raise my voice, as if the increase in volume will increase their understanding of what I'm trying to convey. But, as I get older, I find that I do that less often (definitely a prerequisite for staying married 27 years).

I look forward to receiving your postings by email. (I don't have an avatar here, but may give it a try later.)

Posted by: Anonymous on July 18, 2008 12:39 PM

I have one advice for you: Think before you speak. The majority of the things you've said or written were kind of dreary, inaccurate, and downright lame.

"rape our wallets [??!!)" Poor use of figurative language.

Posted by: kellyanderson on August 20, 2008 04:00 AM

Spoken like a true supporter of illegal aliens Kelly.

I have been covering this issue for more than 5 years on this website and all of the statistics can be found in reports throughout the site. They are all accurately sourced.

Dreary though they may be - and downright sickening - they are all true.

As far as your critique of my "figurative language", to each their own.

Posted by: Digger on August 20, 2008 08:06 AM

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