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Juan Hernandez: 'Mexico is very interested in resolving the U.S. immigration issue'

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Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez, former Mexican official and current Hispanic Outreach Director for presidential candidate Senator John McCain, gave a speech at Utah Valley State College on March 28, 2008. In the speech he declares that "Mexico is very interested in resolving the U.S. immigration issue".

I agree with him. Mexico would be very interested in having all their illegal aliens in this country legalized and allowed to send even more money back to Mexico. Mexico would also like to then send even more illegal alien poor to our country - as their safety valve - so the elites in their country can continue to live it up while their people remain in poverty and unable to revolt against their policies which keep them poor.

For those who don't know Hernandez see my video "Who is Juan Hernandez?".

Hernandez constantly lies and states that the majority of Americans want amnesty for illegal aliens. This lie has been told so many times when poll after poll show that the opposite is true, that Americans want illegal immigration ended and our current immigration laws to be enforced. In a tried and true propaganda tact though Hernandez is using the "repeat it enough and they'll believe it" plan.

BYU News

The majority of Americans think that undocumented workers should be extended a way to obtain legal residency, an adviser to former Mexican President Vicente Fox told Utah Valley residents Friday at Utah Valley State College.

Juan Hernandez ... said the United States and Mexico should be working more collaboratively to resolve the current immigration crisis.

"My opinion is that Mexico is very interested in resolving the U.S. immigration issue," Hernandez said. "[Mexico's] greatest writers and scholars have spent more time in the U.S. than at home. Mexico is not our enemy; they are our friends."


Hernandez was quick to point to his mixed Anglo-American and Mexican blood to defend his views.

Juan Hernandez is a "dual citizen" and the former Mexican Secretary For Immigration Affairs under former Mexican President Vicente Fox. Therefore he has sworn an oath to Mexico. An oath to further immigration. Should we believe anything he has to say when it comes to what the best interests of the United States are regarding immigration?

And that of course poses the question of why John McCain allows this man on his campaign staff?

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Posted by Digger on April 2, 2008 07:12 PM (Permalink)

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We understand Juan and McCain just fine. Resolution=Surrender. Nyet, no, not interested, no deal, go away. Trying to repackage and sell us the same pig with different lipstick, over and over, is getting tiresome. Worse, it is insulting. McCain obviously learned nothing after his amnesty bill melt-down last year. So I guess we will have to go on reminding him until he 'gets it'. Enforcement only and shut down every Mexican consulate. Zero tolerance and zero immigration for at least a decade.

Posted by: Nikita on April 2, 2008 08:54 PM

Nikita, we're screwed. Pick your presidential third party candidate you most admire.

But, between McCliObama they are all for open borders, McCain for big money interests and Clinton and Obama who are naive and stupid.

Posted by: ken pope on April 4, 2008 09:37 PM

We don't have an immigration issue with Mexico. Like immigrants from all countries, Mexican immigrants become the fabric that unites to make our country strong.

No, no, but we do have a problem with ILLEGAL ALIENS. They are flooding by the millions across our southern border, speaking Spanish, and turning my country bi-lingal, instead of assimilating. Immigrants have made that commitment to assimilate.

Juan Hernandez, if you want to make peace with the US, have the illegals captured on their side of the border, stop handing out maps to border crossers of US welfare agencies, retract Mexico's "everywhere a Mexican goes is Mexico" statement, pay the prison bills for every Mexican illegal alien, etc., etc., etc.

Posted by: ken pope on April 4, 2008 09:51 PM

Maybe Juan would want to take the United States Pledge of Allegiance with Ms. Lee's 2nd grade class in AZ, the spanish version of course. He could be joined by Senator McCAMNESTY!

Posted by: lccat on April 5, 2008 05:06 PM

We will stay on this until they get it. As McCain said "secure the border FIRST" Beware of the word FIRST. This implies Then You will bring on amnesty again. We will never go for any kind of amnesty. You still have some learning to do McCain you only got half the message from the american people. Quit Pandering and enforce our RULE OF LAW. And get rid of Juan Hernandez. More and more enforcement only is coming to more and more states. Come back to the side of the American people and enforce our laws and you will win. I believe people are voting for you not just on your immigration stance We just think we can get through to you on this issue and we will fight you on this every step of the way however, we like the way you stand behind our troops. nuff said Come back from the left and stand beside the right. Which is what you stated you are..... a Republican.
Republicans deserve a republican style president not one that is leaning left. We Have a left called Democrats. It is not fair the republican party has no who adheres to the right.

Posted by: americangal4ever on April 6, 2008 02:26 PM

I don't know where you got your information Juan.
But Most Americans do NOT want a pathway to legalization. Remember that little uproar called NO AMNESTY BILL and americans shut down the phone lines with complaints.Plus we don't care what nationality mix you are. All we care about is are you legally here.We are tired of being fed the same crap off of the same ol dirty plate.

Posted by: americangal on April 13, 2008 02:16 PM

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