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League Of Women Voters Announce Support For Amnesty For Illegal Aliens And End Deportations

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The League of Women Voters has come to a conclusion on illegal immigration after a "lengthy and comprehensive study" on the issue. Their conclusion? Legalize all of the illegal aliens in the country and stop deportations.

As Lonewacko points out on his post on this topic, the League of Women Voters is dubbed as a non-partisan group, but all of their leanings are on the liberal side. So why don't they just change their name to the Democratic Party? Oh, that's right! Because they want to try and fool people into believing that this is what all women voters stand for by using the name "League of Women Voters."

League of Women Voters

“After a lengthy and comprehensive study of this complex issue by our grassroots members,” said national League president Mary G. Wilson, “the League’s position calls for a path to citizenship for current unauthorized immigrants.”

“As part of overall immigration reform, the League supports a system for unauthorized immigrants already in the country to earn legal status, including citizenship, by paying taxes, learning English, studying civics and meeting other relevant criteria,” Wilson stated. “We oppose deportations of current unauthorized immigrants who have no history of serious criminal activity,” she said.

Who decides what is serious? If one stole my identity and forced me through 3 years of hell repairing my credit and facing the IRS would that be considered to be serious? Probably not, according to these wenches.

Want to tell them your opinion of their "decision"?

You can contact Maggie Duncan at (202) 263-1332 or via email at mduncan@lwv.org

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Posted by Digger on April 2, 2008 06:09 PM (Permalink)

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This bunch of liberal feminists don't speak for me as a woman OR as a voter. They apparently have an Anti-American agenda that welcomes the invasion of millions of unskilled, poor, non-English speaking illegal aliens to undercut our own poor citizens. Their agenda actually hurts a lot of working single mothers. Not exactly what a "League of Women Voters" in this country should be about.

Posted by: Ruthiness on April 2, 2008 06:28 PM

This is n email Im sending to Ms. Duncan about the link below:
League Of Women Voters Announce Support For Amnesty For Illegal Aliens And End Deportations.

You Do NOT Speak For Me .

After giving this much thought,in my opinion, the illegals should be put back across the border . IF.. as you say, you want to help them, then help them change their own country.. We are overwhelmed in this country by illegal aliens.. We dont need more people to"look after". I am old and disabled . Our social security ( which I worked hard all my life and paid into , in order to not be a burden on anyone.) will be gone as soon as the illegal alien floodgates are opened. Please dont think these illegals are going to pay enough into the system to save it. You really need to give this a lot more thought. These people will not learn english, they mainly work under the table, sending every extra cent back to their homes in Mexico. 30 billion dollars is a lot of money to go out of our country each year. These jobs should have been given to our own people so we could collect the wages and keep the money here in the U.S. to help our own economy ,our own people. Just as the government opened the way for all our jobs,etc . to go out of our wonderful America, your club and others like you , plus our goverment are trying to open the floodgates to allow every job we are legally entitled to , go to these illegals .
These people have been in this country illegally for quite some time and are not interested in learning english. We even have to cater to their needs by hiring spanish speaking people to teach these illegal children,english , IN Spanish ! These people should ( IF they are here LEGALLY) have every opportunity to learn english ,etc. but not to the detriment of our own teachers and schools. In my opinion they should have a separate school to learn english first before they are intergrated into our school system. I hope you count the cost of opening the borders for the illegals.. bj1

Posted by: bj1 on April 3, 2008 02:16 PM

In the last few years the open borders crowd has justified illegal aliens by making an economic argument of the situation, ignoring any other side effects.

Personally, I am not an economist and my bigger concern is cultural, especially, bi-lingualism. I say no more to press one for english and must be bilingual to be hired.

Bottom line, one doesn't show respect for the country one wants to become a citizen of by disrespecting it's immigration laws in the very beginning. It's like breaking into a house then announcing you want house guest status.

Posted by: ken pope on April 4, 2008 10:14 PM

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