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Annually 10% Of Prison Inmates Eligible For Deportation

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An estimated 304,000 criminals in prisons throughout the United States are eligible for deportation ICE head Julie Myers recently stated. Myers estimates that each year there will be between 300,000 and 455,000 criminal immigrants in prisons that can be deported and that for the foreseeable future it will remain at that level.

I'm no fan of Julie Myers and in the article below she states that it would cost $2 billion a year to find and deport them. Some representatives question her numbers, the inflated costs and the relatively long timetable of Myers' plan.

I personally have a couple questions on deporting criminals. What is going to stop them from just coming right back, since we have no border security? As for those who would balk at spending $2 billion a year, how much does illegal alien crime cost us a year in damage and victim suffering?

NY Times

This week, Ms. Myers presented a plan to the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Homeland Security intended to speed the deportation of immigrants convicted of the most serious crimes by linking state prisons and county jails into federal databases that combine F.B.I. fingerprint files with immigration, border and antiterrorism records of the Homeland Security Department.

In an interview on Thursday, Ms. Myers said the plan would bring “a fundamental change” by streamlining deportations of foreign-born criminals.

The fact is we need to keep these criminals from getting here in the first place. Once here they must be treated harshly, as any foreign invader who goes into another country and commits criminal acts should be.

As for Julie Myers, it's criminal that she even still holds a position. Since taking office as the head of ICE, illegal immigration has ballooned even further.

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I recommend we use them to replace our middle east troops one for one until every American soldier is home. Once our troops are home, the illegal aliens are on their own in a new country, as they wanted.

Posted by: ken pope on April 2, 2008 01:01 AM

What does Julie Myers mean by "eligible?!?" If they are here illegally, when they finish their sentence, they ought to be personally escorted back to the border with a boot to the ass!

Posted by: April on April 2, 2008 10:24 PM

One more thing about the "costs" of deporting them. What's the cost NOT TO?!? Twenty-five Americans are killed every DAY by illegals in the US through murder, drunk driving, etc. We pay one way or another. Deport them immediately.

Posted by: April on April 2, 2008 10:26 PM

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