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Illegal Alien Supporters, Businesses Claim E-Verify Won't Work

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Supporters of illegal aliens - and businesses that profit off of them - have now taken the tack of scaring people into agreeing with them. Under an Arizona law all businesses must use the mandatory E-Verify program (formerly Basic Pilot Program) to verify that their employees are legally able to work in this country. Now obviously this is a serious threat to illegal aliens and those who receive money and power from them like the illegal alien support groups do.

So instead they are taking the angle that "hundreds of thousands" of legal workers will not be able to be employed because of a flawed system. "Oh No! I won't be allowed to get a job, I have to be against E-Verify!"

The reality is that there are only a small percentage of flawed hits that come back that are legitimate workers and most of them can be resolved in a matter of minutes. Things like incorrectly spelled names or typos of Social Security Numbers or not following up on your paperwork when you receive citizenship.

Don't be fooled though, with this much money, profit and power at stake for the businesses and proponents of illegal aliens, they won't be giving up anytime soon in creating scare tactics to turn the public against things that will reduce illegal immigration into this country.

I do have a few questions though...

Atlanta Journal Constitution

Forcing U.S. companies to use a government system to verify the legal status of employees would result in hundreds of thousands of citizens and legal residents being initially rejected for work, critics said Tuesday.

Immigrant advocates, business groups and experts said that the system, known as E-Verify, relies on faulty databases that were never designed as immigration enforcement tools.

First of all who are these so called "experts".

Second, business lobbies who benefit from illegal aliens will be against this. Also businesses in general will be against this that are not directly impacted by illegal immigration on their businesses because it requires an "extra step". Neither of these arguments are valid as this is to enforce the law. A minor inconvenience for legitimate businesses, yes, but for the overall of business it will ensure a fair playing field when it comes to paying legal wages, taxes and good working conditions rather than competing against exploitation and unfair business practices.

Third, of course the proponents of illegal aliens will be against this. They benefit too greatly in terms of being seen as legitimate and actually earning the hundreds of thousands of dollars they receive in their paychecks from their non-profits. They have a direct vested interest in making sure the illegal alien problems continues or their livelihoods are at stake.

William Wright, a spokesman for the U.S. Immigration and Citizenship Services, said that 92 percent of all queries are approved in less than five seconds. Of the remaining 8 percent, the vast majority are not contested

A full 8% are rejected and the majority not contested. Why? Because those 8% are illegitimate workers. A legitimate worker would contest it and correct the problem. This shows that there is a vast problem in this country of illegal workers, as if you needed any more proof than just looking around. These workers are taking positions which allow companies to drive down wages because there is a supply of cheap labor and this affects everyone in this country, but impacts the poor and unemployed the most.

The groups opposed to this program want those 8% of illegal workers to continue staying and working in this country.

Opponents often take the angle of the one below...

... even a small error rate could lead to major problems if the system is mandated nationwide, said Jim Harper, director of information policy studies at the libertarian Cato Institute in Washington.

... a 2006 report by the Social Security Administration's inspector general that said that the error rate of the agency's databases, which are used in the E-Verify system, is about 4 percent.

Nationwide, this would mean that 1 in 25 new hires would not receive an immediate legal match, or 11,000 people a day would have to get their papers fixed in order to work...

A study last year by a private firm contracted by Homeland Security showed that naturalized citizens are far more likely than U.S.-born citizens to be found not eligible to work.

About 10 percent of foreign-born U.S. citizens receive a "mismatch," often because they have not updated their citizenship status with the Social Security Administration.

This angle is laughable on its face. It argues that the program should not be put in place because it would require workers and new citizens to actual update their information with the correct data.

Explain to me how having proper information, that is correct, is a bad thing? According to these people we should just allow the current system with its serious flaws to continue because it would be just a little too much of a hassle to fix it. Of course ignoring the issue will only allow it to grow to an even more immense scale and to the point of uncontrollability. This in the end is what they seem to want. Libertarians in general do not recognize borders.

These groups never propose an easier or "better" way. They never come up with a solution, they just sit around and complain that something might be a little difficult for the very few.

As a country we should demand more. We should demand that everyone here is legal and that our system is based on the forethought of legality, not illegality, and that is the crux of the issue right there. Those opposed stand for illegality and its continuation.

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The pro illegal alien crowd is running out of pithy excuses as to why something should or shouldn't be done. E-Verify works great, thank you very much. They're fighting it because IT WORKS! Right now it's completely voluntary, which is a joke. I read about 15% of employers use it, and its use in AZ soared just months before the tough new laws took effect in AZ. We must encourage our US sen's and rep's to enact legislation that REQUIRES E-VERIFY for ALL EMPLOYERS! If that happens, illegals will self deport in record numbers.

Posted by: April on March 31, 2008 12:23 PM

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