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Mexican President Felipe Calderon Protested In LA [Pics, Video]

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More than a hundred people showed up to protest the visit of Mexican President Felipe Calderon to the Los Angeles area on February 13, 2008. His visit wasn't to meet with President Bush, but to meet with leaders of groups in the area in favor of amnesty for illegal aliens, politicians who also support amnesty and apparently to lecture the American people on how we would be a complete and utter failure without Mexico.

Robin Hvidston of the Minuteman Project was there and sends in the following report. She was interviewed by Fox News and I include the video below the report. Enjoy.


We found out where Calderon would be speaking in the morning and assembled that same evening - Calderon spoke at the Omni Hotel, downtown Los Angeles.

Lots of media, lots of interviews, [to the right] MMP National Rally Spokesman Raymond Herrera

calderon-protest-omni.jpg calderon-protest-sheraton.jpg

Omni Hotel - flies Mexican flag as Mexican diplomats were on-site. The State Department and law enforcement moved us across the street from the hotel.

calderon-protest-155.jpg calderon-protest-mexican-dream.jpg

However, we stood DIRECTLY across from the entrance to the Omni Hotel - police wanted to move us further down the street. But we refused and they eventually let us stand right across the street from the entrance to the hotel so that every vehicle arriving passed by our rally line.

Mexican Consuls arrived - I saw the new Santa Ana Mexican Consul Carlos Rodríguez y Quezada drive past us in the passenger seat of the Santa Ana Consul vehicle.

calderon-protest-250-1.jpg calderon-protest-250-2.jpg

We chanted VERY loudly PRESIDENT CALDERON GO FIX MEXICO. Everyone heard us!


Above, FAPLA, with larger numbers than us, aggressively protested Calderon

The larger organization protesting Calderon was a group of Mexicans demanding Calderon fix Mexico so they CAN RETURN HOME they are the Front Extensive Progressive of Los Angeles (FAPLA).

They did a hilarious performance of George Bush leading Calderon and former president Fox on a leash

Bush with Calderon on a leash
Bush leading Calderon and Fox - on a leash


Calderon and those attending the speech were able to watch and hear us as they assembled in the meeting room, you can see in the photo above. The vehicle above had a sign publicizing the Migrant March III.


Above, vehicles arriving had to pass our LOUD chanting rally line CALDERON GO FIX MEXICO


Calderon Arrives

Here we are greeting the Calderon motorcade - the negative greeting was loud and deafening! We yelled with the larger group of Mexicans - ALL of us creating a very hostile arrival for Calderon

Above, there were dozens of vehicles in Calderon's motorcade. The yelling was so loud that some of the vehicle's drivers and passengers seemed to become disoriented.


Law enforcement kept a ring around us at all times

There were State Department guys, police officers, secret service, California Highway Patrol, SWAT team members and other law enforcement - outside and inside the hotel Police officers with dogs. There had to have been hundreds of law enforcement specialists - all there to protect President Calderon so he could give a speech that in part berates the American people - on our tax dollars! Law enforcement surrounded us and nonstop monitored us - however, they let us enjoy our first amendment rights! We yelled as loud as we could!


(Video below)

Thanks to Robin for the report and for her patriotism!

Want to read more about Calderon protests? See the protest against Calderon in Chicago.

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Posted by Digger on February 14, 2008 03:56 PM (Permalink)

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How would the media handle a story like this if President Bush visited Mexico, ignored their president, and met with a bunch of Anti-Mexican radicals who were in Mexico illegally? I don't know how the press would handle it, but I do know how you would be treated if you were in Mexico illegally, and belonged to an anti- government group. There are no Miranda Rights there, but there are plenty rubber hoses filled with lead shot, and they are not afraid to use them. Is this wrong? Maybe it is, but at least they don't screw around with foreigners who seem to think they have the right to enter their country, break the law, and then sue when they are caught and prosecuted. Maybe we need some rubber hoses here.

Posted by: R. Veele on February 15, 2008 04:11 AM

Thank you!

Posted by: John Press on February 17, 2008 06:22 AM

Did Mexico's president have a passport/visa? If so, it means he supports US laws (unlike his countrymen).

If not, he's just another illegal.

Posted by: ken pope on February 17, 2008 08:10 PM

Illegal aliens Mexican or otherwise don't show respect for the laws of this country and do not treat Americans with repsect in this country or anywhere else for that matter, why would Calderon expect any decent American to treat them with any respect? We have no reason to treat criminals who have crashed our borders and thumbed their noses at American sovereignty with anything but revulsion! Calderon is a bona fide Mexican Moron! He needs to stay the hell out of the USA!

Posted by: JB_Parrothead on February 20, 2008 10:50 PM

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