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Illegals Rushing to Texas?

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Indications are that illegal aliens are leaving states where immigration laws are now enforced and Texas is a favored destination. Imagine that.

[A] new rush of illegal immigrants are driving down Interstate 35 from Oklahoma or heading east to Texas from Arizona to flee tough new anti-illegal immigrant laws in those and other states.

Though few numbers are available because illegal residents are difficult to track, community activists say immigrants have arrived in Houston and Dallas in recent months, and they expect hundreds more families to relocate to the Bayou City soon.

"They're really tightening the screws," said Mario Ortiz, an undocumented Mexican worker who came to Houston after leaving Phoenix last year. "There have been a lot coming -- it could be 100 a day."

All the information, so far, regarding this trend is anecdotal and, frankly, I don't think it's very meaningful. All it means is that the illegal population is mobile within the U.S. and they will move to more accommodating areas. Nevertheless, it does appear to prove that enforcing the laws has a positive effect.

Even so, a more preferable trend would be for the illegals to consider their home nations to be more accommodating and return. Then they could get in line to immigrate legally like thousands of others do. They would also pass the word that the U.S. is no longer easy pickings for border jumpers and deter others from taking the risk.

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Posted by Mike Pechar on February 5, 2008 07:29 AM (Permalink)

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The Regis and Kelly show is an example of another form of just talking and not doing anything about making an impact to improve the lives of others. Can a show like Regis and Kelly motivate people to make change? Can a show like Regis and Kelly lead and declare war on an important issue?

The presidential candidates are asking each of us to consider who will make the greatest impact. Will Obama, Clinton, Romney or McCain be your voice to declare war on your most important issue?
This cartoon is a youths view of the political area.


Posted by: robert guinto on February 5, 2008 10:05 PM

A vote for McCain or Huckabee is a VOTE FOR AMNESTY! Sen. John AMNESTY McCain and Gov. Tax Hike Mike/PRO AMNESTY Huckabee will push for amnesty the first chance they get!
Check out: www.alipac.us, www.numbersusa.com and see link off numbersusa site: Americans for Better Immigration. McCain gets an F-, not an F, but an F- on immigration issues! NumbersUSA rates McCain as ABYSMAL, along with ALL Democrats! Gov. Romney is rated as VERY GOOD OR EXCELLENT (can't remember which one) on illegal immigration.

Huckabee as gov. of Ark. was PRO ILLEGALS: gave them instate tuition, subsidized by TAXPAYERS, supports driver's lic's for them, and even got the MEXICAN CONSULATE to be located in Little Rock so when the ILLEGALS are arrested, they'd have access to their "country" for "help." Isn't that nice of Gov. Amnesty?!? And, the state of ARK. charges the MEXICAN CONSULATE only $1. a year for rent. Huckabee also PREVENTED many raids by ICE (Immigrations Customs and Enforcement) on meatpacking plants in ARk. (they are notorious for hiring mostly illegals). Huckabee also increased taxes more than any other governor in Ark. history, even more than Bill Clinton! **McCain and Huckster are BOTH LIBERALS!** Huckabee is a spoiler for Romney and cannot and will not win the GOP nod. You need more than the south and evangelical Christians. I'm a Christian, but I don't vote just one issue -- I vote the WHOLE MAN and Romney is a good man.

Gov. Mitt Romney is the only GOP candidate, other than Rep. Ron Paul (who doesn't have a chance at winning) who has a TRUE CONSERVATIVE RECORD! Wake up and vote for Gov. Romney before amnesty is rammed down our throats, and it will be, by either McCain, Huckabee, Hillary or Obama. Either way if any of these people are in the WH, that will be their first priority -- RAMMING AMNESTY THROUGH! And those of you who voted for any of these candidates will be dumbstruck and ask why -- because you elected him. There's still a very good chance Gov. Romney can win if people band together and get the word out on all the candidate's REAL RECORDS! Check out: www.mittromney.com This man has a lot of integrity and does what he commits to -- he did as my governor. And, I now live in FL. McCain pulled a dirty trick of intentionally lying about Romney, just TWO DAYS before the FL primary, giving Romney little time to respond as was the plan all along by McCain -- saying Romney said we should set timetables for withdrawing from Iraq, and he said NOTHING OF THE KIND! Even all the liberal media said it was a dirty lie and shame on McCain. Well, when McCain saw the race was neck and neck with Romney, he pulled out his dirty tricks. Is this the kind of man you want for your President?!? He has a hot temper, is divisive with his OWN PARTY and is a warmonger. I'm a hawk, so that's scary. He has said we'll be in Iraq "for a long time, maybe 100 years." Huh??? McCain is DANGEROUS for the safety and future health of our country. And, Huckabee is just plain clueless. The only thing he's good at doing is jacking up taxes, pardoning 1033 criminals, 12 murderers in that group as gov., and being PRO ILLEGALS! What a "good Christian man" he is -- he doesn't act like it to me with his dirty tricks in W.VA. We have a chance to elect an honorable man who wants to make this country better and has the skills, experience and smarts to do it! MITT ROMNEY! People need to get off the "hate Romney" thing because he has money. Isn't it a good thing that someone is smart enough, ambitious enough to start from scratch and make it big? That's what this country is all about! Don't buy into the "he's trying to buy his way into the WH" which is not true. He cares so much he's spending a lot of his own money. He is persistent in attacking tough problems and bringing positive solutions. If McCain or Huckabee are elected, it will only be more of the same. Your taxes will be increased and get ready to learn Spanish because overnight 30 million ILLEGALS will become US citizens asap. What a sad day for America that will be. PLEASE RESEARCH ALL THESE MEN'S RECORDS -- IT SPEAKS FOR ITSELF. ROMNEY IS THE CLEAR CONSERVATIVE!

Don't listen to the media -- they want McCain or Huckabee to win the GOP nod as they want a LIBERAL to win. So if the Dem's don't win, either way a LIBERAL wins! It's disgusting that McCain and Huckabee keep getting all kinds of FREE PRESS but Romney is criticized for running his "attack" ads. They are not attack ads -- they are ads POINTING OUT THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE CANDIDATES WHICH IS LIKE NIGHT AND DAY and McCain and Huckabee know this so they have to whine that they're being attacked. WAKE UP AMERICA! VOTE ROMNEY FOR PRESIDENT!

Posted by: April on February 6, 2008 11:32 AM

Oh, and don't forget: Hillary and Obama will BOTH PUSH AMNESTY THROUGH AT THE FIRST POSSIBLE CHANCE! It's all about votes -- they think they'll get a huge voting bloc. Whatever happened to doing the right thing for your country and the Americans who live in it?!? Please vote for strong conservative candidates and kick out the ones who aren't doing their jobs to secure the border or stopping benefits for illegals! If you're not part of the process, then that's why these fools get elected. Check out the non partisan website for more info and to find your elected officials: www.vote-smart.org GET INVOLVED! Don't just wing it!

Posted by: April on February 6, 2008 11:37 AM

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