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Illegal Alien 'Hero' Who 'Saved' Boy In The Desert - Actually Left Mother To Die

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Well this story is disturbing...

You may recall the story of Jesus Manuel Cordova, the illegal alien who supposedly "saved" a boy in the desert after his mother's vehicle went off a cliff and she died. Well after much wait, more than 30 days, for the police report and much stalling by the police department that in the end actually required a threat from the state attorney for the information, finally Ruth of Illegal Protest has received the official police report on the incident.

You can download and read the full report at Ruth's entry on Jesus Manuel Cordova

Either way there are some troubling details in the story that the press and Main Stream Media totally ignored. One of which is that in the police report Cordova claimed that he couldn't reach the vehicle even though he heard the woman's pleas for help! The newspapers and media never even mentioned that she was still alive! They did however interview Cordova and he stated that he reached the vehicle and got chocolate and cookies for him and the boy while they waited 14 hours, from 5PM until 7AM by a fire. 14 hours while the mother lay there dying!

Cordova has been held up as a hero and even has legislators pushing for a green card for his heroic actions. The truth is far from heroic though.

Ruth has stuck to this story like Velcro, so I'm not going to steal all that she has found as she has literally spent hours of her own time - and her own money - digging this up. Head over to her exclusive on Jesus Manuel Cordova for the full details. And spread this story far and wide as the news and media continue to distort this and many other stories in order to push their agenda in favor of illegal alien "heroes".

Absolute outrage!

For some back story read all of Ruth's coverage at her Jesus Manuel Cordova archive

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Posted by Digger on January 19, 2008 12:51 AM (Permalink)

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Wow! It's amazing how people select which facts to include. Here's some facts that Digger and Ruth conveniently leave out.

"Natale stated he proceeded down toards the vehicle to check on the boy's mother, but could not get close to the vehicle because it was unstable on a tree."

"I then spoke to Rio Rico Fire Department Firefighter Teddy Sang... Teddy went onto [sic] say he could not get too close to the vehicle due to it being unstable."

Neither the hunter nor the firefighter were able to get near the mother.

Posted by: Ralph on January 19, 2008 05:57 AM

And you conveniently refused to read where he gave all the interviews to the reporters, hailing him as a hero, and stated he went down and got chocolate and cookies from the vehicle.

Posted by: Digger on January 19, 2008 06:40 AM

Well, I left out a lot including the picture of the vehicle in the police report that looks like it might roll over if the wind picked up.

But the objective of my comment was to show that both Digger and Ruth deceptively selected which comments to read in an attempt to make this guy look bad. Most anti-Hispanic fanatics don't actually check out the actual facts so you'll be sure to fool the majority of your intended audience.

Posted by: Ralph on January 19, 2008 06:49 AM

Don't actually check the facts eh? Maybe that's why the police report was requested, paid for and waited on for a month while reporters just took the word of an illegal alien who just hopped the border and ran with the story on how much of a hero he was.

Who's the one again who doesn't check the facts?

You're not fooling anyone that's for sure.

Posted by: Digger on January 19, 2008 07:29 AM

Hey Ralph,

We left something out eh? Guess you didn't notice I included the full police report. If we wanted to hide something in that report, we certainly would not have included the full report for all to read for themselves. The fact that the rescuers had a hard time extricating her and getting to the car should mean that Jesus Cordova had NO WAY OF KNOWING THAT DAWN ALICE TOMKO HAD DIED and now, upon closer examination of the police report, Digger has found that one of the rescuers noticed the onset of rigor mortis. This was at 8:23am. Rigor mortis does not set in until at least 3 hours after death. So that proves that she WAS NOT DEAD until 3-4am.. HOURS after Jesus Cordova came upon the scene and plenty of time for her to have been saved.

I suggest not only is this guy not a hero but he is a murderer. He chose NOT to save this boy's mother. There were people within a couple of hours of walking who he could have reached even before DARK!

Posted by: Ruthiness on January 19, 2008 08:35 AM

Cordova arrived at 5 p.m. on 11/22, right? Consulting a table on the Web, the sunset time for Tucson that night was 5:20 p.m.. Thus, Cordova did not have time to reach the people at the campsite before dark unless he was capable of traveling at 18 mph. Even that assumes that Cordova was familiar enough with the area to know exactly where to look (where were his previous crossings?). It also assumes that a distraught 9-year-old would be able to keep up and willing to go off with a male Spanish-speaking stranger, leaving his mother behind, or that the kid would not have wandered off or froze if left behind. But whether staying with the kid or running for help was the wiser choice is not the relevant issue, nor is how well Cordova did in trying to help. People who report trouble to the authorities should not be punished for doing so, because that discourages reports. For example, an illegal who is swindled by her employer should not be deported for reporting it, because when employers get away with that, it depresses the wages for legal workers even further. Cordova stopped to help a kid and thus risked getting caught when he did not have to. I'm not convinced that should earn him a medal or a green card, but the Border Patrol should have overlooked his immigration status regarding the incident. We should not let our feelings about illegals in general blind us to the actions of individuals.

Posted by: Matt on January 21, 2008 05:29 AM

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