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Lafayette, LA Revokes Mexican Consulate Permit To Issue Matricula Consulars

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The city of Lafayette, Louisiana revoked the permit of the Mexican Consulate to use a government building to distribute the easily forgeable matricula consular ID card. I guess the city has had enough with the Mexican government meddling in our immigration system and issuing these cards to illegal aliens. The cards are allowed by some banks to open accounts. An FBI official said more than 3 years ago that the matricula consular is a "major item on the product list of fraudulent document trade currently flourishing across the country and around the world.", yet it is still being pushed as some pseudo legitimate form of identification by illegal alien proponents, businesses and open border lobbies in this country

I think it's well past time to outlaw the use of this card in any form in the United States.

Daily Advertiser

City Parish-President Joey Durel along with U.S. Senator David Vitter, R-Metairie, announced Thursday that the city was revoking the consulate's permit, which would have allowed them to operate out of the Clifton Chenier Center this Saturday and Sunday. The consulate planned to issue matricula consular identification cards, a non-U.S. issued form of ID for Mexican nationals.

The card however has come under fire locally and nationally because the consulate doesn't necessarily verify immigration status before it issues the card, so any Mexican national, whether they are in the U.S. legally or illegally, can get one.

"If there's any possibility of aiding illegal aliens on city-parish property, that's not something we want to be a part of," said Rob Stevenson, Lafayette City-Parish Council chairman.


In a written statement, Durel said he discussed the issue with Stevenson regarding how the Mexican Consulate would verify the immigration status of each Mexican national applying for a card. After having a "lack of assurance" of the consulate's procedures, Durel said, "we could not allow this potential illegal activity to happen in a government building."

Good for them! There's no need for government officials to bow down to the will of a foreign power in our own country. Especially when it's clearly meant to subvert our laws.

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