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Digger And Ruth Help Risa Ferman For District Attorney [Pics]

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Risa Vetri Ferman With Ruth and Digger
(L-R:) Ruth, Risa Ferman, Digger
Ruth and I spent part of Sunday helping Risa Vetri Ferman get elected as District Attorney of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. Risa is currently the first assistant DA and is tough on illegal immigration. She is endorsed by current District Attorney Bruce Castor, also a warrior against illegal immigration, who is running for County Commissioner.

While rallies are nice, if we don't get out there and help people get elected and re-elected who stand against illegal immigration, at the most, we are treading water.

We spent the day putting together signs for Risa Ferman and a few other candidates in the area. The back of the office soon grew packed with signage as it was boxed up and shipped out the door to be placed in the community.

Risa Ferman Signs
Risa Vetri Ferman for District Attorney signs

Other volunteers were there, both old and young, helping get out the word. Putting the signs together wasn't hard, but I'm glad we brought some gloves, as they quickly ran out of them. They oil the steel of the signs when they make them so they don't rust. Some coffee would have been nice too, so if you go to one of these things stop at Starbucks on the way.

Risa Ferman Office

Risa herself came in to have a visit before heading out to meet with people. I spoke with her for a few minutes and told her that not only were the people in her area behind her regarding illegal immigration, but Americans all across this great land.

Risa Ferman In Action
Risa Ferman in action as she visits before heading out on the trail

The work is not hard and I encourage you all to volunteer to support your local candidates who are steadfast against illegal immigration like Risa Ferman and Bruce Castor. Besides, you'll meet some other great people. After all if we don't act who will?

Risa Vetri Ferman Offical Website

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Posted by Digger on October 15, 2007 03:05 PM (Permalink)

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State sanctioned official public corruption and murder upheld by the PA Supreme Court
(The rampant and un-checked judicial and law enforcement felony corruption in Pennsylvania)

In the current criminal corruption probe of PA president Judges Mark Ciavarella Jr. and his partner Judge Michael Conahan in the deplorable “kids for cash” scandal will look like “child’s play” when the un-investigated wide spread Montgomery County judicial and law enforcement criminal corruption ring is broken open by a county wide federal criminal investigation.

You cannot offer any better case law than by citing the court’s “own published legal opinions” of the PA State Superior and Supreme Appellate Courts “were criminal pubic official corruption surrounds the trial ….justice is denied”.

The very existence of the PA Superior and Supreme appellate courts is not to “re-try” the lower trial courts decisions, but serves to investigate any critical error or public official corruption that would then demand a re-trial in a competent court of law. This is the very essence of the appellate courts function.

In formal petition before the PA Supreme Court (Dockets 118 MM 2008 & CP-46-CR-0001939-2006) requests an immediate federal public official corruption investigation to the alleged county wide criminal corruption and murder charges by these public officials surrounding this case.

In the Per Curiam decision of the PA Supreme Court their only response to the case was simply “Deigned” without reason. The court could not submit any binding precedent to this case because the binding precedents are of their own opions that would overwhelmly support the pitition.

This decision sets a deplorable national landmark legal precedent in that the PA Supreame Court …….rules against its own published opinions and binding precedents.

This ruling makes complete folly of the appellate court system and denies the lawful recourse by its citizens in all cases before the appellate courts where criminal public corruption surrounds the trial.

Within our own family of a senior detective and policeman, Montgomery County judges are “on the take” with no more than a phone call, have committed major felony crimes including murder against the community residents, with all of these crimes blatantly left un-investigated by our DA Risa Vetri Ferman, serving as chairperson for the PA Supreme Court rules committee.

This community and across every community in this country, are sick and tired of the blatant corruption in the people we have entrusted to enforce the laws of this country. In of the DA's official capacity, her own statements reflect a strong revival of the deplorable judicial “lynching” of its citizens ….. and will not be tolerated by the community anymore.

Richard Liberatoscioli
9 Reformed Rd., #4
Linfield, PA 19468

With the landmark PA Supreme Courts ruling against “their own” binding precedents, the very foundation and all credibility of the appellate courts have shown nothing but blatant contempt to the enforcement of the laws of the commonwealth.

Every case before the Superior and Supreme courts will now cite this appellate judicial corruption entitling them to a re-trial of a competent court….. the law of the commonwealth demands this as well as the citizens of PA.

All cases before the Superior and Supreme Courts of PA may file their cases by contacting: richard.liberatoscioli@gmail.com
to enjoin in the State wide class action to restore and protect the competence of our Judicial System as the law requires and the community demands.

All of the wide spread official public corruption going on in PA by our law enforcement officials now makes sense …. “a fish rots from the head down”

Posted by: Richard Liberatoscioli on July 1, 2010 03:36 PM

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