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Text And Video Of My Speech In Harrisburg And The Flier I Handed Out

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Below is the text and video of my speech I gave at the Voice of the People immigration rally in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania on September 1, 2007 on the steps of the Capitol. Also below is an image of the flier I was handing out to those at the rally.


How Much More Are You Going To Take?

I'd like to thank Voice of the People for inviting me here today and all of you for coming.

Most of you here probably don't know me so I'm going to quickly catch you up. I've lived in about 20 places in 7 different states. I've been to more than 8 countries. I have seen abject poverty and been surrounded by 30-40 shoeless dirty kids in 3rd world countries begging for the equivalent of 4 cents. I am what you'd call the classic military brat. My mother is retired Army, a Gulf War I vet who served in the MASH unit for the 82nd airborne. My father is retired Airforce, a pilot during Vietnam. I have cousins and relatives who are both Marines and Army, some of them serving currently. I myself am ex-Navy and after having been to so many countries and being stationed overseas, I can't express to you the total joy I had at setting foot back on American soil. I felt like kissing it.

Enough about me though, I'm here to talk about us.

I'm not going to be like some other speakers and ask you how you're feeling today, I'm going to tell you.

You're pissed off, angry and you're not going to take it anymore!

Why else would you be spending a beautiful Saturday afternoon in front of the Capitol of this great state of Pennsylvania instead of at home barbecuing or enjoying your family?

Well you know what? I'm pissed off and angry too!

It's an absolute shame that we have to be here today. And our elected officials should be disgusted with themselves for not doing everything in their power to ensure and allow our laws to be enforced.

Last weekend I was in Freeland, Pennsylvania, a little town just northeast of Hazleton, Pennsylvania. I asked the crowd there "How much more are we supposed to take?". Well today I'm going to ask you a different question? "How much more are you going to take?"

I'd like to just ask you all for a little reaction to some statements I make, so that I can be sure I'm at the right rally.

Here's the first statement: (how do you feel about)

President George W. Bush's stance on illegal immigration.

Senator Arlen Specter's stance on illegal immigration.

Lou Dobb's stance on illegal immigration.

Hazleton Mayor Lou Barletta's stance on illegal immigration.

OK, now that I'm sure I'm in the right place...

For the past 4 to 5 years I've been covering illegal immigration on my website DiggersRealm.com just about every day. I've been appalled as I report on story after story of Americans being raped, murdered and killed by vicious illegal alien thugs in our streets and behind the wheels of vehicles. I've watched as the government allowed illegal alien gangs to grow massive in this country. I've watched as town after town ignores the issue of illegal immigration and allows members of their community to be assaulted, not only physically, but financially in the form of wasted tax dollars and wages being driven down. I've watched as people who are illegally in this country give us the finger, curse at us, march through our streets with their flags, stomp on our flag and assault senior citizens who are simply calling for our laws to be enforced at rallies. As I've watched all of this I have asked myself the question:

"How much more are you going to take?" How much more are Americans going to take?

I was at a rally in front of the Mexican Consulate in Philadelphia for Border Patrol Agents Ramos and Compean a few weeks ago. I stood there with a posterboard around my neck showing pictures of Border Patrol Agents Ignacio Ramos, Jose Compean, Gary Brugman, Noe Aleman, and Deputy Gilmer Hernandez. And as I shouted on the bullhorn for all US Citizens to take action against this great injustice by calling the President and their Senators and Congressman to demand attention, do you know what happened? This little old man comes up to me and says "Why are you doing this? You're not going to change anything. Who do you think you are? You're wasting your time".

My response to this gentleman was "Well, who else is going to stand up for these guys? Who is going to stand up against the injustices against our law enforcement agents by this arrogant and incompetent government?" I don't know about you, but I'm not going to stand on the sidelines and watch this happen. Well, as I look out at all of you today, I realize that I am not alone. How many of you out there are with me on demanding action for these law enforcement agents? Let me hear you!

That's right. We The People demand that you free these law enforcement agents, who are also our fellow citizens, now! It's time for citizens to take action.
As far as who we face, here is a quote from a story I covered in Maywood, California from a Save Our State immigration enforcement rally just one year ago almost to the day. "the setup by the police was such that the [enforcement] protesters were actually forced to walk through illegal alien thugs in order to get to their location." here is a quote from someone who witnessed the events that day.

"the 'walking wounded' started to show up. And what it was illustrating was disgusting. When SOS'ers were walking to the barricaded area (from any direction) they were being harassed and attacked by the locals. ... [illegal aliens and their supporters] were saving their physical abuse for the elderly, infirm and females." and another quote "the first person I saw (with blood trickling down his right arm) and a story of being attacked to tell was my good friend from Redondo Beach, Newt the Minuteman. This is a rather fit retired gentleman who is approximately seventy years old ... Apparently these scumbags ran after him and he took refuge in an auto parts store until the police gave him an escort. ... he was lacerated in two separate places on his body." and another quote regarding a woman protester if you haven't gotten the point already "I learned that she had been hit over the head, shoved to the ground, grabbed or punched at, and she was (understandably) really upset and distraught. ... She ... complained repeatedly that the police just stood by from a near distance"

So these thugs are bad right? But we Americans are also being assaulted on other fronts just for calling for the laws to be enforced. This by another form of thug. These thugs come in the form of activist judges like James Munley who decided that the town of Hazleton, Pennsylvania should not be allowed to defend itself. Thugs like Bank of America who advertise and gives credit cards to illegal aliens and thugs like Wells Fargo who give mortgages to illegal aliens and are now complaining about the sub-prime mortgage crisis because those they've given mortgages to aren't paying. These are corporate and government thugs who are against America and the American people.

I moved to California for about 9 years before I moved back to the east coast a few years ago. Out in California the American citizens are taking action. They are protesting churches who harbor illegal aliens. They are protesting at illegal alien day labor sites. They are protesting businesses that hire illegal aliens. They are standing up for America.

Now I'm not specifically speaking directly to those of you here today, as you are standing up, but to those of you who will be watching this on the web and in the future. Do you know what I've seen since I've come to the east coast - and this is going to sound harsh as I know how proud those of us on the east coast are?

I've seen a bunch of fragmented groups who can't seem to get their act together. Protests that only consisted of 5 people. That's right, 5 - measly - people. A lot of talk and very little action. I'm asking all of you to change that today. I'm asking you to get involved and start taking to the streets. Signing petitions and writing and calling your Congress-members is fine, but apparently that is not enough. We've been doing it for years and nothing is being done. It looks like it's going to take Americans on the streets to show that we want action.

While I was in California, my daughter's third grade class consisted of 42 kids, a good chunk of them English as a Second Language or ESL students. How much attention do you think my daughter got from the teacher? A shame for a state whose education system was regarded as the model in the nation at one point. The annual Morgan Quitno Press "Smartest State Award" for 2006-2007 puts California at 47th out of the 50 states. Just 5 years ago it was 29th. Guess which state is the lowest? Arizona, another border state that has been flooded with illegal aliens.

A Pew research study found that from 2000-2004 there was more illegal immigration than legal immigration. Pew demographer Jeffrey S. Passel said "he believes this was the first time in the nation's history that new illegal arrivals outnumbered new legal immigrants." Do you think this might have had something to do with the declining education of California?

An Institute of Medicine report last year found that "once every minute, an ambulance carrying a sick patient is turned away from a full emergency room" and also that "specialists have begun avoiding emergency-room duty because many uninsured patients can't pay". They concluded that "There have been no catastrophic failures so the public hasn't noticed that the system is at the breaking point."

This as illegal aliens are using emergency rooms if they get a cough, a sneeze or a simple headache and then paying nothing for their care. This as illegal alien women cross the border and head straight for the Emergency Room to give birth - at no cost - so that they can have an "American" baby and qualify for more services. Services that are payed for by you the taxpayer.

Are you going to sit back and wait like much of California did? Are you going to wait until you have serious crime problems and towns where half the population are illegal aliens? Are you going to wait until your emergency rooms close down because they can't afford the massive influx of illegal aliens they have to serve and never receive payment from? Are you going to wait for your daughter or grand-daughter's third grade class to consist of 42 kids to a teacher? Are you going to wait until you have to fear for your own safety? Are you going to wait for one of your family members to be assaulted or killed by an illegal alien?

"How much longer are you going to wait?" "How much more are you going to take?"

I tell you all of this today, because it is what is headed in this direction. It is what you will be living with if you don't take action now.

Is this what you want for your community? Is this what you want for your America?

We are in the right on this issue and don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise!

In closing I tell you this...

The east coast has been asleep while the other half of our country has been assaulted. As Americans we must stand together now and force our government to protect us, not only in the written word or through phone calls, but by physically taking a stand. I hope that you all will join in protesting day labor sites, politicians offices, businesses that hire illegal aliens... and churches that harbor them.

No to Amnesty! No to sanctuary cities! No to the continued injustice we are being forced to accept!

Thank you for your time.


The flier handed out to people at the rally.

Click image above to enlarge

(video of my speech below)

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So sad that all you can see is the negative side of things. So sad that you don't see that our government is very aware of the illegal immigration, that is disguised slavery.




Posted by: Magda Ochoa on October 11, 2007 09:56 AM

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