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Ramos and Compean Judiciary Committee Hearing Opens Today At 10AM

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The judiciary committee will be holding official hearings into the conduct of the prosecution of Border Patrol Agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean today, July 17, 2007, at 10AM EST.


The Senate Committee on the Judiciary has scheduled a Hearing to Examine the Prosecution of Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean for Tuesday, July 17, 2007 at 10:00 a.m. in Room 226 of the Senate Dirksen Office Building.

Senator Feinstein will preside.

By order of the Chairman

Here are the members of the Judiciary Committee.

Patrick J. Leahy

Edward M. Kennedy

Arlen Specter

Joseph R. Biden, Jr.

Orrin G. Hatch

Herb Kohl

Charles E. Grassley

Dianne Feinstein

Jon Kyl

Russell D. Feingold

Jeff Sessions

Charles E. Schumer

Lindsey Graham

Richard J. Durbin

John Cornyn

Benjamin L. Cardin

Sam Brownback

Sheldon Whitehouse

Tom Coburn

I'm glad they are having a hearing, but when you look at the names above the first thing that comes to your mind is AMNESTY. Only a few on this list are actually known to stand up against illegal aliens like the smuggler who the two Agents wrestled with and then ended up shooting before he fled.

Let's just hope that they look at the facts of the case, the evidence and the witness testimony and actually do it without a bias against Border Patrol Agents who were helping to keep out the illegal aliens some of these member so dearly love.

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I have been watching the case of the Border Patrol officers and interviews with the Federal attroney. It now is clear to me that the wrong persons are in jail! The attorney and his supporting official should be in jail for fabrication/distortion of facts in court. They should serve THREE times the sentences given the B-P officers and the president should totally pardon the oficers. The ONLY way to control our borders is by TRUE enforcement of our laws concerning crossing them. I have always been a Republican and have fully supported G. Bush but if this doesn't have a better ending I will certainly reconsider my opinion. I myself was once an elected official and stopped only after I was able to clean up the abuses of power in my little area of the world but this stinks from a long ways off. Give this egotist attorney a taste of what he has done to others! Even that may not be enough since abuse of power by officials should be considered a HIGH CRIME!

Posted by: Joe Alexander on July 20, 2007 06:54 AM

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