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Victory! Waukegan City Council Approves 287(g) By 8-2 Vote

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Our fierce friends over at Freedom Folks and ALIPAC have been fighting all this week in Waukegan, Illinois to have the city council approve a 287(g) provision. 287(g) is the Department of Homeland Security training program that teaches local law enforcement how to screen inmates in jails for immigration status and report illegal aliens for deportation.

Our opponents, both illegal aliens and their traitorous supporters, put out all the stops even going as far as busing in thousands of illegal aliens from the Chicago area to oppose this act by the city council. Even with money backing they couldn't stop the city and America.

Through it all patriotic Americans from around the city and across the country have come out in support of Waukegan and I just received this from William Gheen, president of ALIPAC, announcing this tremendous victory!

We have won in Waukegan !!!!!!

It was a hard battle, but in the end, the Waukegan City Council did not back down and voted 8-2 not to reconsider their earlier vote to apply for 287(g) status, which will allow Waukegan police to identify and detain illegal alien felons!

The "illegal alien felon supporters" (that is the term we used again and again for them) pulled out all the stops. They had thousands of illegal aliens bused in from Chicago. Big money was behind this.

The Waukegan police called up hundreds of officers in riot gear from all of the surrounding jurisdictions, with dogs, horses, snipers on the roof and armored Humvees and special tactical teams.

While the police lined up equally on both sides, to keep our Americans separate from the angry mob of illegal aliens, we all knew who they were there for.

The vote was 8-2 because the Mayor insisted on casting a vote. He said that nobody (the illegal alien felon supporters) is going to come into his town and try to tell him what to do with his police department.

The press was all over the place! CBS, FOX, NBC, ABC, Telmundo, Univision, Chicago Tribune! It was amazing!

Around 400 people from Waukegan joined us, on our side of the barricades to enter the chambers, to hold a vigil and rally in support of 287(g).

Me and Ted Hayes from Choose Black America rallied the crowd with a headset microphone provided by the Midwest Minutemen. So many leaders on our side were there, like Rosean Polido from You Don't Speak for Me and Rick Beseida from the Illinois Minutemen. And of course, talk show host Fred Flannigan and his key people were working hard.

I am truly honored to have been a part of this experience and I am truly amazed at the bravery and determination of many of our ALIPACers and the Waukegan citizens that took a stand!

Let the word go forth across America! We do not back down to angry mobs! Let the revolt of the cities and states continue with new fervor.

This news just made my night! Good job to all of the groups and individuals that were involved in this effort. My hat is off to you all!

Illegal aliens threatened violence if this provision was passed. There is not word yet if they followed up on their threats.

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The 287g is not in place anymore! Thanks to the support of all the Hispanic voters, Robert Sabonjian, opponent of the 287g, was elected mayor.

Posted by: Equality for Everyone in Waukegan on January 9, 2011 12:37 AM

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