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Catholic League Getting Desperate Claims Minutemen Are 'Anti-Catholic'

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The "Catholic League", a rogue group of the Catholic church, knows it is in the wrong regarding illegal immigration. St Peter's Church in Fallbrook, California headed by Father Edward “Bud” Kaicher in particular has been repeatedly breaking federal law by assisting illegal aliens directly with acquiring work. They even admit it in this latest press release below.

However they seem to be getting desperate at attempting to make groups that protest their illegal actions look like racists and now they have stepped so far as to call them "Anti-Catholic". This is simply outrageously false of course and just shows the nature of the leaders of this church and the Catholic League as a whole. To present a diverse group of American patriots as being against a single religious group is unconscionable.

Catholic League

July 10, 2007


Yesterday, the Catholic League criticized the anti-Catholic bigotry displayed by the San Diego Minutemen against St. Peter’s Church in Fallbrook, California. The anti-illegal immigrant group is protesting the cooperation that the church’s pastor, Father Edward “Bud” Kaicher, has shown in helping day laborers find employment in the San Diego suburb.

Today, the group accused the Catholic League of creating “hatred amongst Catholics nationwide against Americans standing up for what’s right and legal.” It also accused the illegal immigrants of increasing “crime and disease in our communities,” and said that the “corrupt Catholic church” was committing “outrageous crimes and deeds.”

Catholic League president Bill Donohue responded as follows:

“We have learned that the San Diego Minutemen are unaffiliated with either the Minuteman Project or the Minutemen Civil Defense Corps. As such, our comments are solely directed at the San Diego Minutemen.

The Catholic League is calling upon non-Latino Catholics in Southern California to join with Latino Catholics to condemn the flagrant anti-Catholic bigotry of the San Diego Minutemen. Regardless of whether one is sympathetic or not to the plight of illegal immigrants—and/or the grievances of legal immigrants—there is one issue that all fair-minded persons should be able to agree upon: there is no role for bigotry in this dispute.

“We are prepared to work with other Catholic organizations in the San Diego area to put an end to the Catholic bashing. To think there can be a realistic chance of achieving reconciliation without first addressing the issue of anti-Catholicism is pure nonsense.”

It doesn't take much to read between the lines of the above press release from the Catholic League. They want "non-Latino" Catholics to join them in trying to stop the Minutemen and residents of their community from using their constitutional right to protest. I can guarantee you that if St. Peter's stopped aiding and abetting illegal aliens and breaking the law then the protests would stop.

This has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with breaking our laws so that they can make a buck off their new church-going illegal aliens. As always if you follow the money you'll find the reason.

Here is a response from the protesters.

Father Bud knows he needs to close that illegal day labor center. He knows he is violating Federal law and subject to ICE raids. The sooner he closes the DLS, the less damage he will do to the Catholic Church. Americans are overwhelmingly opposed to what he is doing there! Americans, Catholics, Protestants and even Hispanic Americans call for the immediate closure of this site and an end to the flagrant anti-American bigotry of the Catholic League!

Our comments are solely directed at the Catholic League based in New York City and any Catholic entity that supports their campaign of hate and lies against good American citizens.

All media are encouraged to check with the Fallbrook Sheriff's Dept. at 760-451-3100 to confirm that all three protests so far have been 100% peaceful except for one incident where some Latino Catholics coming out of the church verbally assaulted a Hispanic American Family protesting the church's hiring site and then spit on one of our protesters on the public sidewalk. The Sheriffs were watching nearby and responded and restrained the vigilante church-goers before they could carry out their threats of violence.

The only thing I'd disagree with above is calling these criminals who assaulted the protesters, "vigilantes". A vigilante is someone who enforces the law on their own terms. These assaults had nothing to do with enforcing the law and everything to do with hatred of our rule of law and any who want immigration laws to be enforced. In addition they were obvious hate attacks on someone of their same race they consider a "race traitor"

Tipped by: Reader Peri who is simply a hero.

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