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Blogs For Borders Video Burst For June 19, 2007

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This week's episode courtesy of the Freedom Folks, includes the story of the disgusting gang rape of a 13-year-old girl by 5 illegal aliens, thanks George Bush!

Also included:

Low protest turnouts, a bad thing?

100% Preventable!

Do deportations keep us safe?

We investigate in this weeks Blogs For Borders Video Blogburst.

Video below

Vote for us at RCP…Here.

Please remember the agents! Noe Aleman, Agents Ramos & Compean, Deputy Gilmer.

Read more on the ‘Deportation Joke” here.

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Posted by Digger on June 19, 2007 07:45 PM (Permalink)

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I am a subscriber and read your news almost every day.

As a Puerto Rican American I am totally against any kind of amnesty or guest worker program and I am for reducing our immigration levels down to where they were in the '60's' and allowing more europeans in. I believe they are the reason this country and Europe are at the top of the world and the world would benefit... as it has throughout the years... from this special mix and proportion. Other ethnic groups do enrich our culture but it's important to keep the proportions the same. This is true because of some very important reason I cannot go into at this time because they are lengthy and complicated, but has nothing to do with racism but rather culture and having a history that supports your cultural values.

I have been forwarding your, F.A.I.R.'s, Grass Fire's, Numbers's and other newsletters that reflect my feeling and personal experiences with the "down-side" of Illegals to family and friends back home.
My sister has lived in Cali, Colombia for over 30 years and, as you may have guessed, is somewhat annoyed and molested, especially since Bush became president, about the American Imperialistic attitude that they percieve in Colombia... and a few other South American countries. She believes that every human being has a God given right to persue a better life for himself and his family in any country regardless of borders or laws. I, on the other hand have pointed out to her that, that is why Latino America is so rife with corruption... because most people there are brought up to believe that they might be entitled to things that by law are prohibited but they feel that the priveldged are the only ones that can by-pass the laws of their land and are compelled by their desperate situation to circumvent any of them to benefit in anyway themselves and their families can.

This is a philosophy they bring with them to the U.S..

Anyway, I'v gotten off track...

The reason why I'm writing to you is because although I enjoy the "Blog For Borders Video Bursts" I can't and won't forward it to friends and family because of the impression they and other Americans might get from the physical appearance of the spokesperson.

I'm sure she's a fine lady and I can see past what she looks like because I truly understand what she stands for. I find her effort admirable. But that's not enough.

Lets get real here... she could never be an effective spokesperson in my fight to try to win converts to our American cause ( or anybody elses cause) if the first thing people think is "she's a skin-head" so, so are the rest of those in this grass-roots movement or they would never have had her anchoring these videos.
Shallow is as shallow looks. If you are going to appeal to the average American or Latino American then please look like an "average" person. Not one that looks a little to "extreme" ... and to them may even speak a little "extreme".

It's just a bad mix. I'm sure they can find someone more presentable for our cause and not give them any reason to say... "you see, I told you these people are crazy radicals"

Posted by: Antonio Santos on June 20, 2007 04:07 PM

As The Bald Chick in question, I appreciate your forthrightness, Antonio, not to mention your devotion to this country. You are one of a handful of people who have brought up my bald head since we started making the videos.

Brief background: Jake didn't decide to make this show, then hire me to be the host. We've been married for nearly 15 years. We blog together, write together, do music together, have owned a business together, and the list goes on. Just for the record, this is a project we conceived and do together, on our own time and with our own money.

That said, you're right: I'm not a skinhead. Some people assume I am. Some people assume I have cancer, too.

We have given this serious consideration and didn't make our decision lightly. We hope it was the right decision, and will continue to consider all feedback we receive.

You can probably tell just how strongly I feel about this issue. I feel it would be dishonest to slap on a wig just to do the show. That's not who I am. And, so far, I'm not willing step down/shut up. Hopefully there are plenty of people out there who will listen!

Posted by: MJ on June 21, 2007 10:05 AM

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