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President Bush Vows To Push Amnesty Through Saying 'I'll see you at the bill signing'

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President Bush is headed back to the United States from Europe and he's going straight to Capitol Hill to threaten, cajole and attempt to force Senators opposed to the Senate Amnesty Immigration Bill to vote in favor of it anyway.

Saying "I'll see you at the bill signing", President Bush got in his plane and flew off. He then picked up the phone on board and placed a call to Senators Ken Salazar, Jon Kyl and Edward Kennedy and talked about ways that they could revive the bill and ignore the will of the people of this nation at all costs.

These three Senators are traitors to the American people in my opinion and President Bush is at the top of the list when it comes to selling the American people out in favor of people from south of the border. Obviously he has forgotten his oath of office and his mandate to serve the American people. You cannot serve the American people by ignoring what they are demanding, enforcement of our immigration laws and the security of our border.


"The political process sometimes isn't pretty to look at," the president said. "There's two steps forward, one step back. ... I'm going to work with those who are focused on getting an immigration bill done and start taking some steps forward again."

Certainly the political process isn't pretty when you're tying to push through a bill that poses the destruction of America, its Social Security System, welfare system, education system and health care systems, through the US Congress.

Roy Beck at NumbersUSA puts it best regarding whether the government would actual enforce the "new" immigration laws proposed in the bill. (I say "new", because most of the enforcement provisions in the bill are already in existing law).

He says he understands that many Americans don’t trust that the Federal government will live up to the enforcement end of the bargain because of past failure to do so.

But Pres. Bush says he will go to Capitol Hill Tuesday, look the Republicans in the eye and assure them that they can trust him to see that all enforcement happens.

There is something terribly strange about his whole argument.

It is as if the President who has refused to enforce most immigration laws the last six years is somebody other than himself.

In addition, Pres. Bush appears to be saying, “You can trust me to enforce the law if you approve the amnesty” but he is suggesting that without passing the amnesty the illegal immigration problem is going to grow far worse because the President won’t be enforcing the law!

And he wonders why people don’t trust him?

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