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Duncan Hunter On The Border Fence And Jobs At NH Debate [Video]

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Presidential candidate and Congressman Duncan Hunter participated in the New Hampshire debate June 5, 2007 held be CNN. Hunter responds to a question on who will do the jobs illegal aliens are currently doing if they are deported. He also addresses the border fence.

The video is below the transcript.


FAHEY: Congressman Hunter, whether we like it or not, in cities across America, counties across America, including your district in San Diego, illegal immigrants are doing jobs that American citizens don't want, working on farms, in hotels, restaurants.

If you have your way and they all leave this country, who's going to fill those jobs?

HUNTER: Well, first, I disagree with that premise, because when they made the sweep on the Swift plants -- those were the meat-packaging plants in Iowa; took out some 850 people who were working there illegally several months ago -- there were American citizens lined up the next day to get their jobs back at 18 bucks an hour.

And let me tell you, this is a disastrous bill. And John McCain is right in saying that this is a national security issue. And it is: border enforcement.

Then the Hunter bill, which was signed by the president on the 26th of October, mandating 854 miles of double fence -- not that scraggly, little fence you show on CNN all the time, Wolf, that people get across so easily.

If they get across my fence, we sign them up for the Olympics immediately.


We've got a big fence.

But 854 miles of double border fence was mandated to be constructed. Homeland Security has a billion bucks, cash on hand. It's been six months, and they've done 11 miles.

So this administration has a case of the slows. And I think they slowed the fence down so that they could come out with the amnesty at the same time, put the two together, and the Bush-McCain-Kennedy bill would then be accepted by conservatives and liberals alike.

It's a bad bill.

BLITZER: Thank you, Congressman.


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Posted by Digger on June 6, 2007 07:08 PM (Permalink)

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The immigration debate promises to be a watershed for the USA. The dhimmiecrats have demonstrated their wish the entire world to become permanent residents, at least if you are non-white and non Christian, preferably both.

The GOP has shattered. I will work to get rid of my senator who purports to be a Republican but demonstrated he is a RINO. Its time for the Republicans to reinvent itself and jettison the big government, big spenders, big regulators in favor of the party that Reagan wanted.

With over a million legal immigrants each year the USA absorbs more immigrants than any other nation. But we are talking about over 25 million illegals, an estimated 18% of Mexico now resides in the USA. I hope your readers realize how corrupt and non responsive the US government demonstrated itself to be in this measure. On the plus side the outrage could not be drowned out by the president, the media or the illegal alien high pressure groups.

Americans don't respond well to foreigners parading in our streets flying foreign flags and dictating what their rights in the USA are. If a thief came into my home and tried this I'd shot him. Why do illegals think they can demand rights that are denied to legal immigrants.

Sic sempre tryannus!

Posted by: Thomas Jackson on June 7, 2007 10:57 PM

illegals are not immune to the u.s. immigration laws, and should comply by paying the filing fees and submit their forms requesting legal admittance to the u.s.a.

Posted by: robert tuffree on July 21, 2008 09:17 PM

... and they should do all of the above after they have gone back to the country they came from.

Posted by: Digger on July 21, 2008 09:31 PM

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