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Hazleton Rally Coverage - Lou Barletta and William Gheen Speeches [Video]

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There was a rally held in Hazleton, Pennsylvania on Sunday June 3, 2007 and it was attended by nearly 2,000 people supporting not only Hazleton, but Mayor Lou Barletta and opposing illegal immigration and the Senate's amnesty bill. The rally was put together by Voice of the People and they did an excellent job.

Speakers included:

Ezola Foster - Pat Buchanan's running mate for VP in 2000 election
Carmen Morales - You Don't Speak for Me
Joey Vento - Geno's Steaks
Mayor Barletta
William Gheen - ALIPAC
Frank Scavo - FIRE Coalition
Gary Sutton - Radio talk show host in PA
Hagen Smith - Constitution Party
Peter Gadiel - 9/11 Families for a Secure America

Ezola Foster covered the impacts of illegal immigration on the education system. Carmen Morales talked about the invasion that is occurring in this country both inside and out. William Gheen talked about the increased crime and disease, including Tuberculosis (TB) statistics, that illegal aliens bring. Joey Vento talked about the greatness of America and the current non-assimilation of immigrants compared to those of the past.

Here's a report from Ruth at Illegal Protest on the one disturbance at the event.

It was a wonderful and moving rally with great speakers. The weather forecast had said heavy rain, but the rain held off till the very end of the rally and even then it just rained very lightly. ... The entire block in front of City Hall was filled with people.


There was one “disturbance” of sorts during Peter Gadiel’s speech. Apparently a Mr Arroyo was in the audience and had been booing the speakers and shouted out “leave the Mexicans alone - we have a right to be here” and at that, he got an earful from a couple of patriot women who shouted with blood curdling screams “TRAITOR - YOU GO HOME!”.

Amilcar Arroyo, publisher of a Spanish language newspaper opposing Mayor Lou Barletta, was removed by police from the event along with an ACLU lawyer accompanying him. I would suggest that he was attempting to stir up trouble in hopes that someone would actually attack him.

I think Mayor Lou Barletta summed up the immigration system of America and the continued flow of illegal aliens when he said in his speech "There is a difference between being generous and being taken advantage of..."

You can help Hazleton by donating to their legal defense fund at Small Town Defenders

Below are speeches made by William Gheen of ALIPAC and Mayor Lou Barletta.

Mayor Lou Barletta:

William Gheen of ALIPAC at Hazleton:

Videos shot and edited by Ruth of Illegal Protest

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Despite his popularity in his hometown of Hazelton, Lou Barletta faces an uphill fight to win the Congressional race for the 11th Congressional District.

On my website, http://www.StopLouBarletta.com, I expalin exactly why I think Lou Barletta should NOT be elected to the United States Congress.

Posted by: Dan Cheek on April 16, 2008 12:24 PM

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