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Hate Filled Mexicans Boo Miss USA Rachel Smith At Miss Universe Pageant [Video]

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The Mexican people have a long standing hatred towards America it seems. No I'm not talking about the Mexican government, I'm talking about the Mexican people. These are everyday Mexicans.

"Your comment is misplaced" you may say "they are booing the American government policy", but that is simply not true. Who can forget the Mexican crowd chanting Osama, Osama, Osama at the US soccer team in February 2004. Oh you forgot that one or maybe never heard about it eh?

Miss USA Rachel Smith
Well continuing that tradition the Mexican audience in Mexico City booed, chanted "Mexico Mexico" and heckled Miss USA Rachel Smith at the Miss Universe pageant. The outrageous behavior seems to aimed at our immigration policy of wanting our country to remain sovereign.

This continued hatred of all thing American by Mexico is only painting Mexicans as hate filled people who are blaming America for the fate that their own government has placed on them. Why don't they shout for economic development in their own country or for the elites in their country to stop forcing them to remain in poverty? No they'd rather place all of their ills at the feet of the American people.

Yes, it is America's fault that they are poor and that we won't allow them all into our country. It is America's fault that they are not successful.

Here's a little piece of advice for foreign national Mexicans out there. Stop being an asshole because Americans want their borders enforced. All you're doing is driving your supporters here in the states and more Americans away from your cause.

For instance my opinion of Mexicans in Mexico has been slowly degraded away over the years. I used to have a whole different opinion of Mexico and its people, but after seeing this continued America bashing by everyday Mexicans over and over my opinion and sympathy for the Mexican's plight has gone to nearly zero.

And before you try and paint me as racist, I have no problems with Mexicans living here in the states that are legal or US citizens. My opinion of them remains as it always has... high.

Now watch this ridiculous Anti-American BS below.

Miss USA Rachel Smith booed during the question and answer segment.

Miss USA booed as she wears an Elvis style jumpsuit with a guitar with an American flag design to it.

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Posted by Digger on May 29, 2007 04:45 PM (Permalink)

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These fithy bugs must be squashed,Long live America! Remember the Alamo. Never surrender! Live free or die! Dont tread on me!

Posted by: Elvis on May 30, 2007 12:00 PM

The crowd was a bloody disgrace, but then, USA has universally hated all over the world after the Iraqi war. Perhaps the Americans don't realise your situations in the world. Australia and Britain are your closest allies but those governments that supported US are going to be/have already been voted out. Really guys, you've got to get your act together. You're going on Nazi Germany's path. Wouldn't you want people to look up to your country, not hate it?

Posted by: JM on May 30, 2007 04:12 PM

she has nothing to do with the politics they booed her for! she is there to represent beauty from her country, not politics, nor is the miss universe pageant supposed to represent it either. she should not be held personally responsible for bush's actions, such that she should be victimized like this. Those who booed her should be ashamed.

Posted by: soraya on May 30, 2007 10:35 PM

I personally agree with the Mexican crowd and while I might not personally agree with the booing of Miss "innocent" Rachel Smith, I agree that the Miss Universe pageant is extremely biased to it's U.S delegates year after year and not to some of us who send our very talented girls (for example MY delegate Zahra Redwood who is both intelligent and rather beautiful in my african caribbean sort of eyes) and yet she did not even make it to the top 10... Or 15 I should say... That is a disgrace....

Year after year no matter how dumbfounded the actual U.S.A candidate is, she automatically is shoed in for the semi finals and ultimately the finals because she is Miss U.S.A... That is just pretty nasty and unfair, and no wonder people hate the Miss Universe pageants and their U.S delegates...

Most of you people don't act fair to me or to the other candidates who try really hard to make a name for themselves and answer the questions properly (miss U.s Virgin Islands, Miss Antigua and Barbuda, Miss Korea, Miss St. Lucia, Miss Jamaica, Miss Australia, and Miss Canada...), they answered all of their questions eloguently and they were indeed beautiful, yet they were not chosen for the top 15, except for beautiful Miss Korea of course...

I don't even know how Japan won, her answers were so freaking shallow and unintelligent, and its obvious she had a nose job, or some flattering to her cheeks via teh laser...

I think it really sucks. I'm not watching anymore Miss Universe beauty pageants after this...

And while I don't personally agree with the Mexican crownd for booing off Miss Rachel Smith, I do agree with them for booing off the representation of the United States of America...

I have no real dire interest in living in your so called liberated country. I just think its all overrated basically, and you all are filled with problems more than you could ever imagine, and also you butt your necks in other people's businesses too much and thats why its currently paying off for you guys now...

Posted by: N on June 1, 2007 03:56 AM

Ok, Mr. Digger, I don't appreciate the fact that you are generalizing here. Not all Mexicans are filled with hatered! I'm a Mexican, and I didn't agree with that small minority who booed Ms. Rachel Smith. But I don't agree with the rude comments you are saying about the Mexicans in Mexico, no all of them are poor & unsuccessful either. Do your homework buddy, and you'll find out how hardworking, full of love and joy we could be. ;-)

Posted by: CJ on June 1, 2007 08:16 PM

"The crowd was a bloody disgrace, but then, USA has universally hated all over the world after the Iraqi war."

The US participant was viciously booed in 1993, the last time the pageant was held in Mexico. Nice try, though. I'm sure you'll think of another excuse later.

By the way, the US army simply does what the GLOBALIST bankers and corporations demand of it. If some other Western European nation had an armed forces capable of invading crappy countries then the powers that be (based in London/Tokyo/New York/Paris, etc.) would use that country instead.

If Mexicans hate Americans that's their business. They're free to do so. But they shouldn't complain if Americans don't like them back. Oh, and how many immigrants from South of Mexico's border do they allow in every year? Thought so.

Posted by: Derb on June 4, 2007 02:04 PM

I won't justify that booing since Miss Rachel had nothing to do with the politcal-historical situation between our two countries, and it was plainly mean.

However, I agree with a former poster in that your comments are quite rude, especially if you're really convinced that we ALL Mexicans hate Americans.

Truth is, we don't hate your people. If anything, what typically shows up is a general feeling against some specific actions your government takes. If you ever come as an American tourist, and not as an embodiment of your country's politics, you may end up quite surprised about the warm way you will be received.

I'm sorry if I offend you in any way. That's just my point of view.

Just a final thought: You do know that it was your country that one day invaded ours and ended up taking up more than half of the land your government is fiercely guarding against immigrants, don't you? (That may not make your country fully responsible of our limited economic growth, but it sure helped).

Posted by: B2 on June 8, 2007 06:15 PM


Well I wouldnt say mexicans hate americnas!, Im Mexican, i live in mexico, And I dont hate the US in fact i was there for a year (LEGAL) as an exchange student and it was great!

I mean there are many people who tinks bad about the US, but there are many more wich treat people with respect.

We are neightbors, In my free time i watch the NFL, NBA and all that stuff!! I fell really sorry about what happend in mexico city at the Miss universe competition.

I hope that with this you get to know that there are a lot of people (Im not the only one) wich likes the US. I have been as a tourist a lot of times in the USA (LEGALLY), I hava my Visa and I go shoping there go to disneyland and enjoy the american way of life!

And I can understand you guys to be angry with the illigal immigrants, I mean they go there and wont learn english!! what the f***, Ok this people going there illigaly are very poor peolpe (not only from Mexico) and have no education, but to put us all on the same line its not fare.

We threat illigal aliens im mexico much worse than the US do to then. I mean in mexico illigals get up to 3 years of jail and then the are deported!! I think If you want to build your wall build it. if you want to make an immigration reform do it, but do it for your citizens!! Thats my opinion!

Ok neighbors I say good bye and i hope to hear something from you

Posted by: Jorge on June 15, 2007 06:42 AM

"Really guys, you've got to get your act together. You're going on Nazi Germany's path. Wouldn't you want people to look up to your country, not hate it?"

During the 30's, Nazi Germany outlawed freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of the press and just about anything else that wasn't pro Nazi Germany. Their are no such restrictions on these basic liberties here in the United States. In fact, the most extreme anti-American rhetoric I hear comes from Americans living in America. All one has to do is open the New York Times or tune in to NBC news and you will see an endless borage of America bashing. None of this is outlawed.

In Nazi Germany, Hitler ruled the country with an iron fist and nobody dared defy him. Does George W. Bush rule the United States with an iron fist? Hardly. Not even a paper fist. He can't even reform Social Security and Immigration. He has one of the lowest approval ratings for an American president in history. Our congress has an even lower approval rating.

I think your analogy of the United States to Nazi Germany is pretty stupid as there is no comparison. If the Allies had crushed the Nazis in the 30's instead of pandering to Hitler, then maybe there wouldn't have been a terrible war in the 40's. Small wars today may prevent large wars tomorrow.

As for the Miss Universe pageant, I think it was just plain idiotic for some, not all, Mexicans to be booing Miss USA because of US policies. But it doesn't surprise me. What I find Interesting is that they didn't boo! Miss Venezuela, especially since relations between the two countries have been pretty strained lately. If you want to compare a country to Nazi Germany, how about Venezuela and their president, Hugo Chaves, or Psyco Chaves as I refer to him. Where was he in 1991 when the Soviet Union proved to the entire world that Socialism/Communism DOESN'T WORK!!! Chaves is the devil that smells of sulfur. Look at all of the freedoms and liberties he’s suppressed

As for those Mexicans who want to use the same boring tired cliché about the western United States once being part of Mexico before it was "stolen." Why don't you give Mexico back to the Spanish who had it before you? And why don't the Spanish give Mexico back to the Aztecs who had Mexico before them. You can't change the ebb and flow of history, amigos. Even if the Mexican American War never happened and Mexico still had the western United States in it's possession, it would still be a poor third world country. It has nothing to do with Mexico landmass and has everything to do with Mexico's socioeconomic structure. Mexico is sitting on an ocean of oil; there is no reason why it should be exporting their poverty north. Try privatizing Pemex and get it out of the hands of greedy corrupt government officials. Give the free market a chance.

Anyway, that's just my dos centavos.

Posted by: smitty on June 23, 2007 06:09 PM


Posted by: sheila on July 16, 2007 02:15 AM

Hey, i'm mexican american, legally born in Mission Hills, CA, and my parents are from Mexico.(both legal now) My parents have been here for over 23 years and they worked hard to make my life better. They have not coplained anything about the US. They love the US, if the US was a real person they would thank it.

The reason why my parents crossed the boreder was to work hard, make money, make your country stronger and simply send money back to mexico so my grandparents could have at least a pair of shoes. My mexican poeple are nice, lovely, and they don't plan to take over the US.

The US wants to build a 700 mile fance seperating the US from mexico, but who are they gonna get to build it?????? You guys???? you guys wouldn't even pick an orange from a orange tree cause you guys might get sun burned or dirty.

I don't hate you, i just don't like, and agree your rude comments about my mexican people, Your innocent looks, and the comments in this page won't stop them from crossing.

So if you think mexicans hate you, the last thing you needed to do was to post rude comments on the internet. So don't be dumb, and think for a change.Think before you comment mexicans and put yourself in a poor mexican family leave your magic makeup behind and experiance the poverty yourself miss innocent.

Posted by: ricky on February 14, 2008 03:21 PM

Perhaps Mexicans hate Amercians so much because of the Americans' arrogant nature. Or maybe it's because of the land the United States stole from Mexico in 1847. Look it up people. Mexico used to be more than twice the size. The Americans like to invade and conquor.. they're like school-yard bullies.

Posted by: me on May 28, 2008 11:36 AM

How about you look it up? Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo anyone?

The fact is that Mexico never had control of those regions of the United States because they were hostile territories. All Mexico did was claim them, they never defended them or settled them. And after they lose a war they whine.

Now that someone else has done all the hard work developing these areas that were granted in a treaty Mexico claims it was theirs, as if they would have had the same success.

Who is the arrogant one?

Posted by: Digger on May 28, 2008 05:55 PM

"as if they would have had the same success"


Thank you for proving my point.

Posted by: me on May 29, 2008 09:36 AM

Keep arguing fellow EARTHLINGS, keep arguing in vain and keep up your shallow mentality. This society, either in the U.S., Mexico or even in Singapore, is just headed to a state of "stupidity" where we generalize, attack at will, and consumed by PRIDE. I wouldnt be surprised this is all a masterful plot from some entity we know as evil. But we are so concerned about our daily struggles that have no importance to the real way we should co-exist. Money is control, control is power, power is abused. Look up the Rothschilds on google or youtube, and be ready to learn about the architects behind the curtains.

Posted by: Jack Sparrow on June 1, 2008 06:18 AM

Interesting thread. In my estimation there was:

- 1 humorous, Christian Elvis speaker!. A patriot and libertarian, through and through!

- 1 Canadian(?) realist, who makes a good point that america should get its act together.

- 1 female sympathizer of Miss USA and the true pageant process. A righteous and true point.

- 1 female Jamaican pageant delegate or associate / past delegate who makes a good point about problems and corruption in america and how it trickles down to her.

- 1 Mexican patriot giving a counterpoint about the rudness of the post and ending it with good karma.

- 1 male globalist, banker, conspiracy theorist, who makes eloquantly, sarcastic points, that all things are equal between the two, so why fight? The opposite of an eye for an eye idea.

- 1 Mexican realist, who wants a change in the US government, NOT the US people. Giving weight to the US invasion of Mexico in the past. An eye for an eye and tooth for tooth, thought at the end.

- 1 rich, Mexican, exchange student, US sympathsizer, who is having fun and living life! Can't understand why... "Everyone just can't get along (rodney king) and just wants to be a good neighbor! He makes a good point about mexican illegal alien treatment and that Mexicans do it too. An eye for an eye, a tooth for tooth.

- 1 american scientific, realist, who gets deep in to the argument with facts, most have probably not heard about. Also pointing the eye for eye thought and giving good suggestions for real but improbable, future, mexican political movements.

- 1 female American, associated with the pageant and witness to the this actual event, who makes a great point about sheep and how people follow each other blindly when going down the eye for an eye path.

- 1 humorous, hard working, grateful, Mexican American male, who makes light of american work ethics and points out the eye for an eye, tooth for tooth thought.

- 1 succinct, anonymous male, who points to the eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth thought.

- 1 Digger, original poster stepping in, who points out again, the eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth thought. A point that has been stressed over and over in this thread about revenge and who owns what and when.

- 1 succinct, anonymous male posting again, who points that the original poster just agreed with his eye for an eye a tooth for tooth thought.

- 1 religious, banker conspiracy, end timer, realist, who make good points at the corruption through money and the dEVIL of our society.

One thing that astonished me about this thread is that this conversation is identical to the mexicans booing miss america. The same dynamics are happening in both situations. There is a pattern.

To most people it seems to be all about revenge.

An eye for an eye, a tooth for tooth, seems deeply ingrained into most of us all.

Martin Luther King, a christian man said this:

An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth! If that were true, we would all be eyeless and toothless people.

I think that speaks for all our actions and results up to this point.

Is this, as a society, who we want to be? :) Because we are choosing it right now... :)

Posted by: GHPiNK on February 13, 2009 04:16 AM

We mexicans dont hate you mr american,
belive me, i can invite you to my house in mexico for a bbq , we mexicans dont hate anyone by no reason, what we hate is how all of those stupid mexican-americans a.k.a pochos living in USA get the idea that theyre white,
seriously, when I want to go to mcallen or san antonio for the weekend, same thing happens... Im in the border ,the stupid border police last name is Gonzales or some mexican last name but he however considers himself white, he looks at us as if we where the illegal imigrants. However, it was the guys family who imigrated and not my family who just wants to have fun on the weekend.
So relax, if you see mexicans in mexico booing at miss america is not because we are jelous it is just that those are the mexican variation of what you call RedNeck in the USA.
So please dont hate us, most of us are warm hearted people and we just try to live with what we have.
It always happens, mexicans dont hate the white/black/yellow americans , but our american brothers, they hate us why? I dont know but I do hate them so much.

Posted by: geez not all of us are like that you know? on March 9, 2009 06:07 AM

Jack Sparrow hit it on the dot!

I deal with this whole US-Mexican thing daily. I'm an anglo American that has lived in Mexico for 5 years. All my friends here are Mexicans. Most people treat me pretty well. But also, most people believe a lot of nationalistic lies and propaganda that they have been taught by Mexican society their whole life. There isn't much education for tolerance and multi-culturalism here. So....for example in the US, it's typically the provincial and poorly educated that have negative attitudes towards Mexicans. But here, even very well educated people have a very ignorant attitude towards other cultures, especially Americans. The US and Mexico are 2 great nations each with their share of problems. Mexicans and Americans have to stop listening to the lies and the media controlled by the rich of both countries that want to divide and conquer us. Let's stop being hypocrites with double standards. Mexicans and Americans are both fat (no.1 and no.2 internationally). Both have taken other nation's land (Chiapas and Yucatan used to belong to the autonomous nation of Guatemala). Both nations mistreat immigrants. nuff said

Posted by: plainsdrifter on April 16, 2009 03:44 AM

I've ALLWAYS known that Mexican women hated American women. I saw the fat old Mexican woman in the background of this footage BOOING for that poor girl. The woman was old enough to be her mother, and she was acting like that, it made me a little sick to my stomach because it reprsents to me a lifetime of being snubbed and treated poorly by Mexican women because I am a beautiful American woman who has allways dated Mexican men. Mexican women ARE JEALOUS of American women, my husband is from Zacatecas and has lived here in the U.S. since he was 7 years old and HE even tells me that is why the women in his family don't treat me well. They're jealous of the lifetime of opportunities that I've enjoyed. His mother has been in the U.S. since 1975 and she doesn't SPEAK ANY ENGLISH! At least THAT'S WHAT SHE TELLS EVERYBODY! If that is TRUE, it MUST be INTENTIONAL...unless she's just a moron! Anyway, I NEVER go to his family functions, because when I did, NOBODY spoke English to me and ALL the women gave me DIRTY looks because they were INSANE with JEALOUSY! I only spoke English and refused to speak Spanish to anyone at the "gatherings", so when some of his neices and cousins who DO speak ENGLISH REFUSED to speak it TO ME I knew WHY!!! I don't go to ANY of the "gatherings" (excuse for a bunch of Mexicans to get together and get drunk)anymore and neither does my husband! He SAW the way they treatd me, and promised me I will NEVER have to put up with that again! Mexican men are ok, but the women are a bunch of CRAZY, JEALOUS, B@#$%*&!!! That's why a lot of men from Mexico find American women to be a much more "peaceful" alternative to a CRAZY Mexican woman, only the "higher achieving" Mexican men actually get one though...don't get it twisted. So...if there ARE any Mexican MEN in here saying different, it's just because maybe he wasn't good enough to score an American woman!

Posted by: dntfkwthme on June 4, 2009 12:40 PM

I'am a Mexican , I wasn't brought up in the traditional Mexican way , by that I mean when the woman is second lower class citizen then the Macho mexican man. I experience hate from my own race because I wasn't brought up the mexican way , and because I don't know that good of spanish. I use to feel bad for my mexican peolpe that came from mexico, but when I seen the look of such disapprovel from my own people more and more that went out the door.I don't even get that look from white or other races. I just hope that my race doesn't get as whiney and snippy as the black race.

Posted by: lisa on June 11, 2009 02:03 AM

Get illegals OUT of USA and block borders. Use military force too. We dont need gangs, drugs, and murders from these lowlife bums. They have bankrupted hospitals, colleges and demand we change to their language! Who the HELL do they think they are?
GET OUT and stay out.

Posted by: Ron on July 15, 2009 02:22 AM

they hate americans because we want to stop the illegals from coming into this country.they feel they have the right to come here and break all the laws they want and nobody can say anything because you are a racist.so now that we're finally taking a stand they resort to the only thing they know.violence,and treats.and they're boldened by the u.s government taking sides with them.

Posted by: josh wilson on May 23, 2010 10:07 PM

Its been awhile since anyone posted here....so:
RECENTLY a MEXICAN teacher in calipornia called for VIOLENT revolution against whites.......just because whites want the RIGHT to have thier borders sucured from threats like 9/11.....and this bothers MEXICANS...??????!!!!!!! well...why dont white people just let ANYONE in and do ANYTHING they want to WHOEVER they want...wait...thats ANARCHY...and thats what the MEXICAN wants.....total freedom to do whatever they want?????? sounds familiar.....oh yeah, MEXICO lol lets look at the shape that that country is in from the MEXICAN having thier way with government....NO THANK YOU. and as for the teacher who calls for "VIOLENT REVOLUTION" against whites....buddy, COME to my home with your threats , and ill show you REMEMBER THE ALAMO.

Posted by: jaz on June 6, 2010 03:46 PM

These uglies should go back to the cesspool Mexico, that they crawled out of, or should I say abandoned? They're nothing but a bunch of self-entitled, manipulative worms, who take advantage of America and everything it stands for. Then they have the nerve to spout off bull like how much we need them and how we stole their land. Ever hear of the treaty of guadelope, me and others? Your slimeball officials sold your land for a million bucks. Too bad. You see, the corruption goes way back. Slimes forever. Americans, stand up for America. It will be just another third world, ugly cesspool like Mexico, if we don't.

Posted by: Jsaz on June 27, 2011 11:36 PM

Mexicans don't hate Americans with no justified reasons. On the contrary if you are inclined to hate a race which I am not nor anyone should be then the Mexicans do have more against the USA than any other race has. I have lived in Mexico and I have seen the effects of Americanization. Mexicans are being put down and controlled by Americans and I am not talking about people who already hate the USA but people who do not in their nature think about such a thing. Mexico's local enterprises are being taken over by North American companies. Thus the industry suffering and prices rising. North Americans are taking advantage of cheap labor and treating workers badly whilst gaining great amounts... I have seen it first hand. Furthermore I have seen whole communities of Americans living in great luxury and telling Mexicans to their faces that they are better and know how things should be done- which is the American way. They also speak not a word of Spanish many having lived there for years. I am not Mexican I am English but I have seen these affects. While I do not agree with jeering at an individual I believe that we must stand up and say enough is enough. Not to put down Americans but to say We are all equal and to be honest I have not met many truly intelligent and kind Americans in my life yet I have met many of Mexicans who are generous while they have nothing and very apt in everything. The reason that people and not just Mexicans hate the USA is because they control everyone and are not willing to learn. I have seen it many times but I am still willing to hope that there is an American somewhere who is willing to say actually there are better things in other cultures as there are in ours and lets all live in peace and harmony.

Posted by: nellie on January 11, 2012 05:09 PM

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