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Governor Janet Napolitano Endorses Senate Amnesty Bill

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Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano came out in favor of the Senate Comprehensive Immigration Amnesty bill. It's really not a big surprise seeing as how many times she's opposed actual enforcement proposals in her state through vetoes. She has vetoed many and only after voters actually had a chance to vote on measures - because they were on the ballot - did Arizona get anything through to combat rampant illegal immigration in Arizona.

Napolitano calls the current system a "silent amnesty".


Saying the only current alternative is allowing a status quo of "silent amnesty," Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano on Wednesday tentatively endorsed a U.S. Senate proposal on immigration.

Napolitano said she sees some flaws in the Senate proposal but that it "includes all the elements of comprehensive immigration reform."

"It's the only bill that I think has a chance of moving through the Congress this year and delay is a killer for Arizona," Napolitano said when asked about the bill during her weekly media availability.

Arizona is the busiest crossing point for illegal immigrants entering the United States from Mexico.

"The status quo is not acceptable, and when I hear those who are opposed to the bill call it amnesty, I really want to say to them what we have now is silent amnesty, because nothing is being done with those who are already illegally in this country, and we have no system to do anything with those already illegally in this country," she said.

"If all you're saying is amnesty and we don't want a comprehensive bill, what you're actually voting for is silent amnesty and I think that's wrong," she added.

Janet Napolitano is one of the reasons that nothing is being done to end illegal immigration. She silently stands by and watches as her state is inundated with illegal aliens taking advantage of the Arizona taxpayers and then blames it on the federal government. Where is your spine governor?

Do something for the American citizens who elected you and stop blaming them for the travesty that you are allowing to continue.

The only "silent amnesty" I see being given is by governors like Janet Napolitano.

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