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A Letter To Dana Rohrabacher From A Concerned Mother

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I believe this letter I found pretty much encompasses the concerns of the majority of people living in areas that have been invaded by illegal aliens.

Remember that these areas were rapidly devastated just within the past decade. If an amnesty is passed or if our immigration enforcement continues to be ignored, this could rapidly be coming to your community.

The letter is in response to the speech made by Dana Rohrabacher to the House of Representatives on May 1 , 2007


Dear Congressman Rohrabacher,

I wanted to send a letter of thanks to you for the amazing speech that you gave on May 1, 2007. Your speech touched my family deeply.

My family lives in Central California. I am not one of your constituents but I wish that I were, since my representative appears to me to have more pressing issues then representing my family. Like, catering to special interest groups who can pad his wallet or fill his ballot box. If I sound cynical, I guess it is because I am growing that way through time and experience.

We are awake sir. We are making calls, faxes and emails everyday. We are trying to be heard but we don’t have the ACLU to defend our rights. We don’t have a dozen special interest groups with unlimited funds fighting to keep our cause in the media. We don’t even have a media, with the exception of Lou Dobbs, who will tell us the truth. So we are pretty much on our own.

I have always been the most patriotic person. I have such a deep love of country. I have such a deep respect for all of the patriots that came before us. I have always believed that America is everything that I was taught it was when I was a little girl in school. And I always believed that our government was on our side and that it’s sole function was to protect the constitution, the country and the American family.

I don’t believe that anymore. How can I when I see my country being sold to the highest bidder. Some days it is almost more then I can stand to see the injustices happening to my country.

My husband served with honor in the USAF for 20 years and then retired. I served in the USAF with honor for four years. We are a family of average Americans who have worked so very hard over the years to achieve our idea of the American dream. What we wanted was simple. A home to raise our children, A job that would pay us a fair wage, and a college education for our children.

After retiring from the Air Force and from his part time job, my husband found a very good civilian job. We bought our version of the white picket fence complete with a few fruit trees, and we felt that the American dream was ours. And why not? As American citizens, we had earned the right to it.

But now our dream is in great jeopardy. I had to pull my twelve year old son out of school because it was so overcrowded and under-funded and the teachers were so overwrought and the principal so overwhelmed that my child was falling through the cracks. He was miserable and failing and doing everything in his power to stay home from school. So I put him in a small charter school 30 minutes away from our town and I drive him there where he is well taught, cared about, very happy, and achieving great things. He recently took home medals in the pentathlon event and is an honor role student and a black belt in Tai Kwon Do.

But I have to drive him on the dangerous California highways. Where drunk illegals roam without consequence. Where Mexican truck with poor standards and truckers with unknown driving records will soon be en route from one delivery to another. I am afraid for my husband when he goes to work. I pray each day that he will make it home and not be another victim of an illegal drunken driver. I am afraid when I take my children up that highway to school, that we won’t make it home at the end of the day.

We don’t go to public events because they are too rowdy and violence can break out without warning. We don’t go out at night because a whole different element is on our streets at night. We don’t go much of anywhere anymore. We are living in fear.

I keep my children close to home to protect them. And yet, just two days ago my child was endangered in our own driveway during the 5 minutes that I let him outside in the front yard to do a chore. His back was turned to the street and a car driving by honked. My son turned around and a very scary guy (his words) flipped him off and gave him a mean look. He was scared and confused. He didn’t know this guy. He had done nothing to this guy. And in that moment, in a moment of a drug crazed person or a person filled with hate, or a person inspired by intent to frighten, my sons safety was in jeopardy. In just that moment, he might have been injured or killed right on our front law. We were at the mercy of the unknown.

And so this is how our American dream unravels. All that we have worked for was a job and a home to care for our children, the next generation of Americans. Now it seems we may have to leave California. It galls me to do that because it is what many with poor intentions want us to do and I don’t want to give in to them but at the same time, I have children to protect. The career my husband has worked so hard for will be lost. Our home will be lost. Our freedom to live in California and enjoy all the things that make her great will be lost. Our rights to pursue happiness will be lost

So let me ask this:
Do my children have a right to the American dream?
Have my husband and I done enough to have earned that right for our children?
Who speaks out for us?
What organization will rally unlimited funds to see to our rights?
What media will cover the story of the American dream stolen from Americans?

I thank you for the speech you gave Mr. Rohrabacher. I thank also the other handful of heroes who are out there fighting for the American public. I can’t imagine what our fate would be without you.

I will pray for you each day and for every American who truly loves their country without an agenda other then her safety and security. I will pray for my family too.
I think we are all going to need a prayer before this is over


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