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Baldwin Park Mayor Manuel Lozano Calls Save Our State Terrorists And Racists [Video]

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Earlier today I reported on the Save Our State Third Baldwin Park Rally. In that entry it was reported that the Mayor of Baldwin Park, Manuel Lozano, called the group Save Our State terrorists and racists.

I have now located the video thanks to reader Peri.

In the video of an ABC Channel 7 report, Lozano has this to say about Save Our State.

"...it's unfortunate that 'S.O.S.' is here, I personally... I see them as a TERRORIST group and a RACIST group that does not represent mainstream America..."

If you head over to my entry on the rally you will clearly see that these patriots simply displayed the flag, demanded the removal of a racist monument in the city which has statements against America and generally stood around proclaiming that Baldwin Park is part of America and not Mexico. The group consisted of people of all races.

Looking at the other side, almost 100% consisting of Hispanics and Latinos, you will see middle fingers thrown by little kids, hate speech directed at Save Our State and posters declaring Baldwin Park part of Mexico. They also called for the overthrow of the United States and the throwing out of all white people.

Save Our State has never attacked anyone or damaged anything, nor have they called for others to do so. To call them terrorists is simpy outrageous.

Which is the racist? You make the call.

This is exactly what is occurring all across this country. Officials are being elected to turn portions of this country over to Mexico and they are using every tactic they can to fool Americans into thinking that this is all for some poor workers. It's a blatant aided invasion by these elected officials.

Mayor Manuel Lozano can be contacted at:
Tel: 626-813-5201
Fax: (626) 337-2965
E-mail: mlozano@baldwinpark.com

Below is the video of Mayor Lozano's delusional and ridiculous statement which should infuriate any American in this country.

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Posted by Digger on May 6, 2007 11:13 PM (Permalink)

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When is Mr. Lozano going to call for the removal of the racist monument in his city. It sits there day after day, silently indicting him and the rest of the city council, for the RACISTS that they apparently are. Save our State, is their protesting because of the monuments clear racist message.

Posted by: Bobby on May 10, 2007 01:38 AM

Manuel Lozano is one of those unfortunate individuals who makes up his own reality as he goes along.

Posted by: likwidshoe on May 12, 2007 07:28 PM

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