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LAPD Support Press Conference Tomorrow In LA - LAPD Support Rally On May 12, 2007

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A L E R T     A L E R T     A L E R T

Hello American Patriots...Shalom in Jerusalem,

On the great high "holy" Marxist, communist, Leninist, Stalinist, Maoist, Castroist, socialist workers (slaves) day of celebration endearingly dubbed May Day - May 1st, our peace forces were brutally and viciously attacked by thugs in the name of illegal "immigration"

To prove their disdain for our beloved United States of America and her laws, unable to restrain themselves these leftest Taliban-like psycho-socio-politico terrorist blatantly hurled at peace keeping LAPD officers verbal insults, bottles, cans, rocks, pipes and whatever they can get their bloody hands on.

This time, it wasn't even us that they were after...we were not there. They wanted our finest and boy did they get them!!!

Three cheers for the good guys!

Obviously, you see can what is going here, which is literally an attack by invading foreigners against para-military forces the United States...an outright act of war. Throwing bottles and rocks, et al means that if they would have had guns, surely they would have fired them.

The communist organizers seek to weaken the resolve of our homeland forces that they may escalate their violence against us civilian citizens of the USA, even as they are doing so with our military troops abroad.

As US citizens, we are sending out a call to confront the lies and vicious attacks upon the "thin blue line" of our defense and safety.

On numerous occasions, the LAPD have brilliantly defended us and exercise of free speech et al. Now it is our turn to do our duties as civilian citizens to come to the aide of our finest.

It is our intent to have the New Conference tomorrow to defend our peace forces and to announce a march and rally for next Saturday, May 12th,2007 in downtown Los Angeles.

If you can't make the news conference, come to the the rally and march, even if you must alter your schedule.

This one is for the "Gipper"

"LAPD LAPD LAPD" Remember that?!?



ATTENTION: Media/Press

For Immediate Release          Today, Thursday, May 3,2007

News Conference
McArthur Park May Day Melee

Anti-Illegal “Immigration” Groups Speaks Out

Against Attacks On Law Enforcement Officers

  • Organizers Join With Demands of LA Mayor, City Council and Police Commission For FAIR, JUST, Un-Biased, Non-Political Investigations of McArthur Park May Day Melee
  • Organizers Expect Investigations of Those Who Viciously Attacked LAPD Law Enforcement and Peace Officers
  • Organizers Denounce Riotous Behavior of Communist & Anarchist Anti-Police Antagonist
  • Communists Tactics Disrupts & Steals Message
    Of Peaceful “Immigration” March

    Brutal Attacks On Police By Anti-American Antagonist
    Forces LAPD Officers To Utilize Force

    Friday, May 4,2007@ 12:00 Noon

    Parker Center
    150 Los Angeles Street
    Los Angeles, CA., 90012

    The McArthur Park Melees of May 1,2007 & 2000 Democratic National Convention September 15,2000 Has Common Connections, they are:
    * Communist Attack Police – LAPD Responds

    Including the Message of Peaceful Demonstrators

    Sponsored By: Choose Black America – The Nation’s Leading Black Led Anti-Illegal “Immigration” organization: Save Our State; California Coalition Immigration Reform; and others to be announced...

    Speakers: David Hernandez; Ted Hayes; Barbara Coe; James Spencer; Gerald Pitts; Chelene Nightingale; Elzi Alexander; Keith Hardine; others to be announced...

    Contact: Ted 213-892-9065 David 818-448-3403

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