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Congressman Nunes' Staff Brings Ramos Family To Tears

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As their last meeting for the day on Capitol Hill yesterday, family members of Border Patrol agent Ignacio "Nacho" Ramos visited the offices of Congressman Devin Nunes. The lobbying team consisting of Raymond Herrera, Ignacio Ramos Sr, Nacho's uncle and aunt George Ramos and Gloria Olsen, Rita from You Don't Speak For Me (Hispanics against illegal immigration) and a female team member who was white. .

They just reported back that they were treated poorly by Congressman Nunes' staff last night and that the family actually left in tears after 10 minutes that increasingly grew angrier.

They met with "Andrew" of Nunes' office and brought up Ramos and Compean. "Andrew"'s response was simply that Ramos and Compean were "tried by a jury" and that it is "not an issue for Congress, but a judicial matter".

"Why won't Nunes sign bill 563?" Ray asked. The only reply they heard over and over was that Nunes "can't do anything". A refrain that grew increasingly loud.

"This is wrong!" Ignacio said and gave the staff the Free Ramos website.

"We're just trying to get support against the travesty committed on our family." Gloria said as she broke into tears.

The office told them to follow the appeals process, but Ray said that if enough Congressmembers stand up against this injustice that there would be no need for an appeals process or the wait that it includes.

A wait that is made behind bars for the two Border patrol agents.

Now I'm not the one to throw around the discrimination word, but here's the kicker to all of this. After the family left, the white female member of their team was invited in by the staff and they talked to her for over 20 minutes.

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Posted by Digger on April 24, 2007 12:30 PM (Permalink)

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Nunes staff needs to be nixed. Put them on the list of those we definitly don't want to see back. If they can't do anything to help the citizens and police of this nation they can't do their job. We can't help him when it comes election time. I hope you are developing a list to let us all use digger.

Posted by: Mark W Lowry on April 25, 2007 08:31 AM

MSNBC so called debate was a fiasco and a travesty. MSNBC has a left wing agenda and it was riduclous to have MSNBC host a so called political debate. The format was rediculous and the questions were stupid. Certain candidates got practically all of the limelight while other candidates were almost completely ignored. You need an objective organization like the League of Women Voters to host this type of debate such as it was. Having a news organization hosting this so called debate that has a certain political agenda is ridiculous. Tom Tancredo was almost completely ignored and when he was called upon was asked certain questions that were absurd. What you need is an honest round table debate with no holds barred questions hosted by one moderator and not by a bunch of newsmman asking stupid questions. In this situation Tom Tancredo was screwed by this left wing news organization called MSNBC. This was crazy, letting an left wing news organization host a Republican conservative fiasco so called debate.

President George W. Bush needs to be impeached. Since 9/11 he has allowed millions of new illegal aliens to enter the United States of America. He is breaking his own oath of office and the Constitution of the United States which the oath of office is a part of the Constitution. He swore on the Bible at his two innagurations that he would preserve, protect and defend the United States of America from all enemies both foreign and domestic. Does anyone in their right mind think he is doing that at all? He is allowing terrorist, MS-13 gangs from Central America, Mexican gang members, drugs, crime, corruption, prostitutional slavery and poverty to be imported from and through Mexico. Why does not everybody wake up to this fact that this horror show is going on all around us? If we do not wake up then it will be our demise as a democarcy. Wake up and smell the coffee.

Posted by: John Galvin on May 5, 2007 01:17 PM

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