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Congressman John Boehner Throws Out Citizen Lobbyists

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Jeff and Ed Liegey
Jeff and Ed Liegey

The office of Congressman John Boehner, minority leader in the House, threw out the first of our citizen lobbyists that went on Capitol Hill this morning to discuss illegal immigration. Most of the groups went out as five with a leader. The group that consisted of Jeff Liegey and Ed Liegey of Pennsylvania and Scot Toops and Maylene Miller of Ohio just got back about 5 minutes ago and said the staff of Boehner's office were rude. Maylene said that she went into the office and respectfully requested a discussion on the issue and the office staff told her to stop yelling at them and eventually had them leave.

Mayene Miller
Maylene Miller
The same group talked to Duncan Hunter's office staff and were invited in and given coffee and allowed to talk. The group was not inexperienced when they went into Boehner's office. Unfortunately they didn't get to talk to Duncan Hunter because he was over here doing interviews with the Radio station. They had no trouble with other staff at other representatives offices. Congressman John Murtha also turned them away, but was not rude and Congressman Price set an appointment with them later on in the day.

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Well, likely my neighborhood wouldnt allow anyone that dressed like that or still had a mullet in either. They would never have gotten even TO the metal detector. If you are going to a city to do serious business then dress appropriately. If you are going to send a rep for your org. then get one that has been to a city more than once.

what fools to send for a serious meeting with professional people. No wonder

yes, yes, I know they represent all of us...but if people already think you are a dunce, why show up and prove them correct.

Posted by: mrbill on April 23, 2007 05:00 PM

Only in a totalitarian state like Amerika do elected officials refuse to listen to the people of the country. This is a sad day for us when elected representatives will not listen to the voters who put them in office. We must remember this at election time.

Posted by: Mark W Lowry on April 24, 2007 09:37 AM

I dunno...their necks look red to you?

Posted by: sly on April 24, 2007 05:16 PM

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