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United Food And Commercial Workers Union Aiding Illegal Alien Workers

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The United Food and Commercial Workers union obviously cares about collecting union dues. They care so much that they are willing to help out illegal aliens who are driving down the wages of workers they represent and taking jobs from Americans.

Their latest action to aid illegal aliens... sending out bilingual immigration rights kits to help those illegal aliens who get caught. Specifically ones who are terrified they will be busted in a meat packing plant raid. And before you fool yourself into thinking this is an isolated incident many, many unions are doing this. Service Employees International Union (SEIU) comes to mind, where they actually sponsor illegal alien marches and lobby Congress for amnesty.


the United Food and Commercial Workers union has printed a bilingual immigration rights kit it plans to distribute nationwide to workers in the coming weeks. The kit includes practical information, legal documents and sample letters.

"We want to make sure they (immigration officials) don't take advantage of our people," said Martin Rosas, secretary-treasurer for UFCW in Dodge City.

What really gets Rob at Say Anything's goat though is this part of the story.

Among those making preparations since attending a workshop is the family of a 43-year-old man who works under a false identity at the National Beef plant in Liberal. Two of his four children, ranging in ages from 4 to 18, were born in the United States, where he's lived on an off for 21 years.

Oh yes, Rob tees off on this.

Got that? The guy is working under a false identity ... this unnamed 43-year-old man is using the identity of some poor schmuck who doesn’t even know about it. And the unions are helping him do it.

Isn't it so cute the way it's put in the article. Let me translate. "Isn't this poor little illegal alien cute! He just had to break our laws to get a job and then, of course, had to use fraud to actually obtain one. It's totally understandable and forgivable. It's a victimless crime! Don't you love him?"

Yeah, it's freakin' ridiculous! The sad thing is that the person who's SSN this illegal alien is using is going to get a nice surprise when he files his taxes and the IRS sends him a nice little note asking "Are you sure that this is all you made last year before we come to take your house?" It is not a victimless crime. Someone out there who is a legal resident or an American citizen is being screwed royally.

Ask yourself what would happen to a US citizen if they pulled the same crap?

Now multiple the story above times 20 million and you'll start to understand just one piece of the problem.

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