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Illegal Aliens Avoid Deportation For Over A Decade Now Their Kids Cry

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Pedro Ramirez and Isabel Aguirre, two illegal aliens, ignored deportation orders and failed to appear in court for more than a decade. Technically they are fugitives from justice. During that time they have employed the time honored trick of having at least four "anchor babies". I say "at least" because those are the only four kids mentioned in the story, there could be more.

Ramirez and Aguirre have been under orders to be deported for 10 years, but you can guarantee that they were in the United States long before child number one, who is 15, was born. Hell, they probably broke in here when she was pregnant so that their baby delivery bills were paid for at US taxpayer expense AND they get the added benefit of a "US citizen".

The AP now brings us the sob story of their kids crying that their parents will now have to leave the country.

Twelve-year-old Adrian Ramirez huddled with his two sisters on a bench and tried to find the words to describe his feelings about their mother's pending deportation to Mexico.

"I want my family to be together," he said, wiping away tears as Yadira, 10, and Adriana, 6, stared at their shoes. "I want them to stop these laws. I don't know what life would be like in Mexico. My home is in Palo Alto."


Their 15-year-old brother, Pedro, a sophomore at Gunn High School, struggled with the decision, trying to keep up with school but breaking into tears at times, said his math teacher, Chris Schulz.

Yes, the evil United States. It is our fault that their parents broke into the country and had some children and now they must go back to Mexico where they belong. Forget personal responsibility. It's in no way the parent's fault.

Illegal alien supporters come to the rescue and ask a simple question, which I have a simple answer for...

But the predicament of deported parents is tearing many families apart, said clergy and immigrant advocates.

"Is it really a choice? Staying in foster care, or leaving with their parents?" asked Samina F. Sundas, the founder of American Muslim Voice, which is trying to help the Ramirez family.

Yes, that is the choice Samina F. Sundas.

These groups act as if the parents are going to be executed or locked up in prison and kept from their kids for life. The fact is they actually have a choice in the end, just like they had a choice in the beginning.

I'm pretty much getting sick of hearing the same old tired arguments. The same old crying children being paraded before the media for their parents illegal actions. US taxpayers have paid for their four children for years and years of education and other taxpayer funded systems and all we get is kicked in the teeth with sob stories about how evil Americans are for wanting our laws upheld.

Enough already!

Dan at Riehl World View points out that the children of criminal citizens in this country are crying too. Such as the children of the US citizen who decided to murder, rape or rob people and now has to stay locked up in a prison cell.

Why should illegal aliens be given special treatment for breaking our laws and ignoring our legal system? Try doing that as a legal US citizen and see what happens to you, kids or not.

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