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Raging Rinos
I have the honor of hosting this weeks RINO Sightings for the Raging RINOs community.

No, not the Republicans In Name Only type RINOs. This group is based around Republicans and Independents Not Overdosed on the party kool aid. A group of independent thinkers.

Every week we hold a RINO Sightings that is a roundup of what people around the RINO community are discussing.

Joe over at ATypical Joe is covering the story of Julie Amero, a Connecticut substitute teacher convicted and awaiting sentencing for exposing children to porn on a classroom computer, who is scheduled for sentencing this week. Joe says that it is quite obvious that Amero is innocent pointing out that the computer forensics in the case were weak.

Mind of Mog does the "illegal" thing. Pointing out that her town Gilbert, Arizona is cracking down on illegal aliens. Bravo to Gilbert! Now all we need is for the feds to actually do something with them. Mog also notes that one of the attorneys fired by the Bush Administration was from Arizona and prosecuted many illegal aliens. Conspiracy? I'm not too sure about that. One attorney in the LA area that was fired, Carol Lam, was a proponent of illegal immigration.

RINO Community class clown, The Nose on Your Face, says the New York Times has decided to change their criteria for determining how poorly we're doing in Iraq since casualties have declined.

The Times has departed from the traditional school of thought and has moved, in their words, towards a “more streamlined and progressive manner of measuring war-related incidents.”

Vote buying through pork, that's what DANEgerus is calling the latest move by the Democrats. Pork has increased to all time highs.

The (D)emocrats didn't have the votes to defund the troops, so they bought the votes to set a 'date-certain' for withdrawal with a year's worth of 'earmarks', better known as budgetary "Pork" included in an appropriations bill that clearly violates the Constitutions' explicit 'separation of powers doctrine'. This should have surprised no one.

The next time Democrats complain that funding is being cut maybe we can point out the money they're wasting on a lot of worthless projects that they shouldn't have allocated fund to.

And last but not least I'd just like to point out my brilliant (in my opinion) daily coverage over the past two weeks of the Lozano vs City of Hazleton case. The case revolved around Hazleton, Pennsylvania's Illegal Immigration Relief Act which pulled the licenses of business who hire illegal aliens and fined landlords who rented to them. You can find all of my coverage on that case in my Hazleton Archive.They were sued by the ACLU, Puerto Rican Legal Defense and Education Fund and illegal aliens and also had the US Chamber of Commerce and Catholic Bishops against them. All told it was 25 lawyers against this little city of 30,000.

If you are interested in joining the Raging RINOs head over to the official Raging RINOs website.

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