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Blogs For Borders Goes Video - You Must Check This Out!

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Blogs For Borders is going video and I'm loving it. There is a sneak peek over at the Freedom Folks of what the show will look like and I'm impressed.

Illegal Alien Drags American Flag on the Ground
Blogs For Borders video will include video of immigration protests on the street submitted by Immigration Warriors from across the country who are speaking out against illegal immigration. Also included is analysis of current events that the Main Stream Media (MSM) is currently ignoring and that you never hear about.

Video like the image seen at above left of an illegal alien dragging an upside down American flag across the ground at a rally against illegal immigration. Or video of the illegal alien you see on the lower right crossing the street to confront, use racial slurs, curse and then physically attack an American citizen and his wife who were simply expressing their freedom of speech by standing on a corner with an American flag while other illegal aliens and their supporters were cheering the attack from across the street.

Illegal Alien Attacks American

They have several preliminary segments slated including:

  • 100% Preventable - which looks into crimes committed by illegal aliens that could have been (guess what?) 100% prevented if that illegal alien wasn't in our country!

  • Your Moment of Aztlan - holding a magnifying glass to Reconquista lunatics and the socialists who love them.

  • Jackass of the Week - pointing out those in power who continue to support and promote illegal aliens and illegal immigration.

  • One Minute Expert - with clips and segments of people who know what they're talking about when it comes to illegal immigration

Upcoming rallies and protests will also be announced on the show.

They'll always be looking for help from you the citizens and legal residents of America. If you ever have information, stories or video regarding illegal immigration send them over to them so they can continue to expose the truth about illegal immigration.

It really looks great and Jake and MJ (The Freedom Folks) really look like they have it together when it comes to putting things into a video package that is both interesting and informative.

So make sure you check out the Blogs For Borders Video Blogburst sneak peek!

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