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Mexico Human Rights Agency Says Mexico Mistreating Illegal Aliens

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Overcrowded cells, denial of food and water and disregarding individuals judicial rights is how Mexico's human rights agency describes the way Mexico is treating illegal aliens it is catching from Central America. While Mexico continues to decry the way Mexican illegal aliens are treated (cable TV, legal representation and actual food and water!) in America, they continue to treat illegal aliens from other countries like animals.

And in the largest case of irony Mexicans don't like illegal aliens because they are taking their jobs and increase crime in the areas they settle in.

Then there is of course the lovely blurb about the Mexican constitution which forbids Mexican authorities from stopping Mexican citizens from crossing into the United States.

Arizona Republic

The report said immigration agents held as many as 78 people in four cells designed for five people each in Hermosillo. Most of the detainees were Guatemalans, followed by Hondurans and Salvadorans.

The commission's inspectors said there was not enough drinking water or blankets to go around, the toilets lacked water, and detainees were forced to sleep on the floors of the cells.

One detainee at the Caborca jail reported that he and six other migrants were denied food and water from 8:30 p.m. to 5 p.m. the next day.


Mexico's constitution guarantees the right of free travel to its citizens, meaning Mexican authorities cannot stop their countrymen from crossing into the United States. But they are free to detain illegal border-crossers from other countries, and the United States has been urging them to do so as part of efforts to boost its own border security.

Many Mexicans empathize with these Central American travelers. But other people, especially in southern states like Chiapas, fear that Central Americans will eventually begin settling in Mexico and taking Mexicans' jobs. They also are worried about crime brought by the Mara Salvatrucha, Central American gangsters who control the immigration routes.

Also see my entry from October 2004 Mexicans Sick And Tired Of Illegal Aliens Taking Their Jobs And Committing Crimes where these quotes appear:

"They come to work, but they stay and cause problems."


"Sometimes they arrive and they don't even speak Spanish. And they end up begging in the streets."

How about we all agree that illegal Mexicans stay in Mexico and illegal Central Americans stay in Central America and then everyone will be happy and we'll all get along better?

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