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Bill Introduced In Virginia To Deny Taxpayer Funds To Charities Supporting Illegal Immigration

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Wow if we could only get a bill like this passed federally! Virginia delegate Jackson H. Miller has introduced a bill in the Virginia legislature to deny any and all government funds to charities that are providing services and support to illegal immigrants. The bill passed a House health committee with a vote of 13-8.

Washington Times

... would forbid religious, charitable or community groups from using state or local government money to intentionally serve illegal aliens by providing food, shelter, education or other social services.

"It's to make sure that taxpayers' money is not used to benefit illegal immigrants in our communities, it's as simple as that," said Mr. Miller, Manassas Republican.

Mr. Miller said he was upset that taxpayer money was used in 2005 to fund a site in Herndon for day laborers to gather to wait for work.

"It was basically built for people who are here working illegally, hence the reason why they are working the way they're working," Mr. Miller said.

Of course those who feel taxpayer funds should be wasted on illegal aliens, rather than American citizens where it's supposed to be spent, immediately come out and call it racist.

Nancy Lyall, legal coordinator for [Woodbridge Workers Committee], said it is run on donations and that it already is denied every time it applies for any type of public funding.

"That's not based on what's good for Virginia taxpayers, but truly based on a movement to try to take out people of color from the various communities," Miss Lyall said. "The work that these folks do is invaluable to us. They've been in our communities for years, and now they turn on them and try to deny them the help that they do get."

How is supporting illegal aliens good for a community? They're illegal aliens! They should not be here and the taxpayers should not be supporting groups that encourage even more to come by providing them services.

I'm sick of this argument that illegal aliens are good for a community. It is a fallousy. They drive down wages, uses social services, clog up the education system with their children and fill the jails.

The bill states clearly that the act must be intentional by the service group, like setting up a day labor center.

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