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Illegal Alien Criminals Arrested 6 Times On Average, LULAC Blames US For Problem

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There are criminals amongst us and of those criminals that are illegal aliens they have been arrested, rearrested and continue to be let go into the population an average six times. The crimes vary from weapons violations and assault to robbery and burglary to simple traffic violation.

Yes, not only have they broken into our country -- and if they have a job more than likely committed identity fraud -- they also commit crime after crime with no repercussions.

Of course we aren't allowed to ask these criminals their immigration status, deport them and try to keep them out as that wouldn't be "humanitarian" according to illegal alien activists. They're just trying to have a better life after all.

So whose fault is this? Crotchety Old Bastard pointed out this statement by LULAC (League of United Latin American Citizens) on WOIA

A new report indicates that the average illegal immigrant is arrested six times in the United States, but the League of United Latin American citizens says it's not their fault. It's actually, according to LULAC Dallas chapter president Jesse Diaz, our fault.


"They're just picking up our American bad habits," Diaz told 1200 WOAI news. "If we want to blame anybody we have to blame ourselves, because we're not good examples." "You don't hear about the cheatings and the shootings and the car-jackings and killings and robbery in Mexico," Diaz said.


"The alcohol, the drugs, the womanizing, all of the bad things we Americans do, these people are picking up those habits," Diaz said.

To state that there's no crime in Mexico, such as beheadings, is simply asinine. Let's ignore that idiocy though.

Yes, it is the United States fault that we allow illegal aliens into our country and then show them how to commit crimes. We are so full of criminals that it is not their fault. How anyone can take an organization that makes statements like that as serious is off their rocker.

Here's what the Washington Times reported on the study by the Justice Department.

Criminal aliens set free on the streets of America -- instead of being deported after serving their time -- are being rearrested as many as six more times by U.S. authorities, according to a government audit released yesterday.


The 91-page audit, which was requested by Congress, said the limited sampling found that of the 100 selected aliens, 73 had an average of six arrests each after being released from custody. They were arrested, collectively, 429 times on 878 charges...

On top of this the report points out that last year San Francisco and Oregon, both "sanctuary" areas, received funding of $1.1 and $3.4 million respectively in 2005 from the Justice Department's State Criminal Alien Assistance Program (SCAAP). This program distributes funds for the incarceration of criminal illegal aliens.

Since these two areas do not actually house illegal aliens since they don't arrest them this money is going somewhere else and should be immediately discontinued. I wouldn't even be surprised if they were actively using the money to encourage illegal aliens through programs like day labor centers.

Some out there claim this is just a good reason to legalize all illegal aliens. Like Lee at Right Thinking From The Left Coast where he says:

The solution to illegal immigration is legal, documented immigration. Let these people into the country, but set the system up so we know who is here, where they are, and what they’re doing.

To which I say, ridiculous! That's what we do now for legal immigrants. The issue is illegal aliens and in this particular case criminal illegal aliens (really that's an oxymoron in my opinion, they're here illegally so they're already criminals). Is Lee suggesting we legalize criminal illegal aliens? I don't think that's what he meant, but he brought it up in a post on criminal illegal aliens so who knows.

The fact is that Illegal Immigration needs to be stopped first. Apparently Lee - and those with his views - don't realize that there are currently more illegal aliens coming here than there are legal immigrants each year. Increasing legal immigration will not cut the illegal crossers down as recent surveys have found that more than 50% of Mexico wants to come to the United States.Yes, half their country wants to come here. No amount of increase in legal immigration is going to slow that down. Not to mention the fact that criminals aren't going to go apply to come here legally anyway since they would be rejected. They're going to jump the border, which means we have to stop that from occurring to the best of our ability.

Unless we can be sure it's tough for them to get here illegally then they will continue to flood across no matter what we set the legal limit to. It's really simple logic. Not to mention the fact that this is our country and we have the right to seal our borders completely and set all immigration to zero if we so wish. This is our country after all.

Tipped by: See-Dubya at Michelle Malkin

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excuse me while I pick my jaw up from the floor

You don't hear about the cheatings and the shootings and the car-jackings and killings and robbery in Mexico
Who the hell does he think he's talking to?

Ok... I will say we don't hear much about it, but that doesn't mean it doesn't happen.

And the one thing tha is glaringly clear for ANYONE that knows Mexicans from upper class families (upper mid-class and above) is that they are at a high risk of being kidnapped (or their children being kidnapped) as Mexican criminals have an established industry doing that for money.

Posted by: Darleen on January 11, 2007 04:42 PM

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