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Tom Tancredo Writes To ICE Head Julie Myers Calling For More Workplace Raids

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Talk about worlds colliding. Two of the featured figures on Diggers Realm Congressman Tom Tancredo and ICE head Julie Myers have come together in one story. Both have their own category on Diggers Realm. Tancredo for being an Immigration Warrior, Myers for her inexperience, incompetence and the utter stupidity of her being appointed the head of ICE in a recess appointment by President Bush with no confirmation vote.

Tom Tancredo recently penned a letter to the head of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Julie Myers, commending her for the recent raids at the Swift & Company meat packing plant that netted the arrest of nearly 1,300 illegal aliens and identity fraud suspects. In the letter Tancredo urged Myers to step up the enforcement.

Denver Daily News

In a letter to Julie Myers, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement assistant secretary, Tancredo, R-Littleton, commended Myers for her leadership in the Swift & Company raids, and asked her to expand ICE’s operations to other industries.

“I have already publicly commended DHS and ICE for conducting this work site enforcement at Swift,” said Tancredo, Chairman of the Congressional Immigration Reform Caucus. “This kind of enforcement action by ICE has been sorely missing over the past decade and I urge you to expand such operations to other industries.”


Tancredo maintains that the focus of the investigation should not be on the rights of illegal aliens, but the pervasive problem the country is facing with illegal immigration. He suggested that other industries, such as agriculture, are employing illegal immigrants who are using stolen identities. He called the problem “rampant.”

“It strains credulity to suggest that over 1,600 illegal workers — the 1,282 detained by ICE and the 400 dismissed by the company immediately prior to the raid — could be employed in six plants without the company’s management being aware of it,” Tancredo said.

I concur. There is no way that these vast numbers of illegal aliens working in this one company could go unnoticed. The company needs to be held responsible. As of this date none of the executives or management of the company have been charged with the employing of thousands of illegal aliens.

This just shows the true lack of action by ICE. This issue is not just about illegal immigrants, it is about those who aid them and those who hire them as well.

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