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Proof Of Illegal Aliens Voting As Those Called For Jury Duty Claim They Are Not Citizens

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How can you prove that someone who voted is an illegal alien? Well currently there really is no way. With the current system of voter registration and no requirements to show proof that you're actually a citizen of the United States and therefore eligible to vote at the polls, any idiot can show up and cast a vote that disenfranchises every other single eligible voter in America.

So down to the proof. Harris County, Texas discovered that those called for Jury Duty after registering to vote then went before a judge and said they couldn't serve as a juror because they were not citizens of the United States.

Absolute and undeniable proof that there are foreign people voting in our elections. Anyone with one ounce of brain matter of course would realize that with the estimated 20 million illegal aliens living in our country that some of them would actually attempt to vote, but not according to Luis Figueroa the head of MALDEF who claimed there was no proof that this was occurring.

Well, Luis Figueroa, here's your proof, now let's here your rebuttal you racist! Who's the racist, people like me wanting our laws enforced or the one wanting more illegal aliens to be allowed in because they have the same ethnicity and skin color as themselves?


Harris County Voter Registrar Paul Bettencourt testified before a congressional committee this summer that in 2005, he identified at least 35 foreign nationals who applied for or received voter registration cards. In fact, since 1992, Harris County officials have canceled 3,742 registered voters for noncitizenship. Most important, Bettencourt has records of noncitizens voting in Harris County.

Disturbingly, the noncitizens removed from the voter rolls were identified mostly because they refused jury duty by admitting they were not citizens.

At minimum, the Bexar and Harris district attorneys are obligated to investigate and possibly prosecute these proven instances of vote fraud. An applicant must attest, under penalty of perjury, that he is a citizen to register to vote. Clearly, that law has been violated.

But given the potentially alarming magnitude of the problem, the attorney general should be authorized to conduct a statewide investigation to determine if there is an organized effort to register noncitizens.

There are organized efforts all the time by the likes of MALDEF, La Raza and every other Latino group in this country that claims to be out there simply helping Latinos whether they are illegal or not. Hopefully some irrefutable proof can be found that they are behind this and their racist organizations are disbanded and their organizers sent to prison.

The reason that vote fraud is very possibly widespread is because Texas election law sets the bar for voter registration and verification far too low.

The secretary of state checks voter registration applications against drivers' license and Social Security databases. However, both Social Security numbers and drivers' licenses can be obtained by noncitizens.

Furthermore, the secretary of state notes that an applicant may register even without a drivers' license or Social Security number by supplying a utility bill or pay stub. Any person, including noncitizens, can pay for electric service; any one with a green card can work and earn a paycheck. Those documents do not prove citizenship.

"Hey, I pay for electricity in America therefore I can vote!" Sounds like sound policy to me.

Every lawmaker in America should be investigating this since they were elected by voters. Of course you're likely not to hear a peep out of the majority of them since the fraudulent votes were cast for them.

Tipped by: Freedom Folks who also find this ridiculous.

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this has to stop. Thing are getting better here in arizona but we still have a huge problem, Thanks

Posted by: Classified on July 30, 2008 07:33 AM

Every time an illegal votes it cancels a citizens vote. However, this won't change until the Republican party denoounces politcal correctness and the democratic majority gets a little integrity and decides to represent the American People instead of their own political interests.

Posted by: Gerry Knox on October 25, 2010 01:23 PM

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