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In The E-Mail: Digger For President

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Yesterday I posted this email telling me to go to hell.

While anyone covering illegal immigration receives their fair share of hate mail from supporters of illegal aliens, the truth of the matter is that poll after poll shows that their numbers are far outweighed by those who are against illegal immigration. For some reason though, supporters of true immigration reform don't seem to be as outspoken and it is probably one of the reasons we have the massive problem that we do today. Not enough people spoke out over the years.

I received the following two emails today:

12/02/2006 at 19:37


Our country is in a process of change. Unfortunately, for the American citizen it is losing ground to foreign, hostile people; who brought there gangsters, and criminals to conquer us. It is the mentality of mostly liberals, and morons such as the e-mailer blowmehard; who has no self-respect to call himself anything better than the pervert he is.

I appreciate this 'Diggers Realm', and if I didn't respect your bio, then I would not visit it. You do a splendid job on this topic "ILLEGAL Immigration". We need to unify this country to STOP foreign invaders from our borders, jobs, and neighborhoods. I am a 13 year Army veteran. I knew in 1971, that the war is here in America. The foreigners have been offending, and killing Americans as long as I can remember. The numbers of their gangs are staggering. Nothing has been done for so long, and we have already lost whole counties in four states.

Politically, nothing begets nothing. Amnesty would totally wipe out anything in English, and America. The SPP will do the rest. We need an immense American backlash against the illegal supporters of these illegals who grabbed our land, services, and tax money. We still have LAWS not to pay for their benefits, education, or health. Why do we allow our officials to waste, or spend OUR tax money?

Thank you for your hard work in this web site. I love your articles. Just keep the liberals on the defensive, they are the reasons for our ACLU, and 9th circuit judges.


I'll be the first to admit it's not just the Liberals who put us in this situation. There are plenty of Republicans who have been paid off to support illegal immigration. Big businesses in particular benefit and then lobby for even more.

Here's the second email:

12/02/2006 at 16:10


As a legal, yes as a legal immigrant of 50 years as of 3/26/06 and a Staunch Conservative Christian Republican I wish to thank you for speaking and acting like a redblooded American should. I find George W. in reality a traitor of all this nation stands for. He is all over trying to straighten out the world while this nation is de facto invaded by a foreign power in a fashion even worse than what happened at 9/11. Now America is a second Canada! Yes, when God wanted to stop an evil he created languages, as the Bible story goes. Now America, the Nation under God in reality promotes languages to destroy a good thing and yes, the evil one is smiling from ear to ear as this nation helps him along.

Please run for President so I can vote for you


The Tower of Babel comparison is an interesting one I haven't heard before.

As for me running for president, I hereby announce that I am launching a presidential exploratory committee. So far I have collected $2.39 in donations from my kids.

I think I've got a good shot!

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