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ICE Refuses To Arrest, Deport Illegal Alien Who Surrendered

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Eloina Meza Illegal Alien
The Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has refused to arrest and deport an illegal alien who turned herself in. That's right, the same agency that spends billions of our dollars every year to hunt down illegal aliens - and does a piss poor job of it - refuses to take in illegal aliens who walk right up to them and surrender.

Now in this case - and in the article below - Eloina Meza an illegal alien who has been hiding in our country for 12 years is made out to be a poor woman who is just a victim, but let's run through some of the details of who she is and whether she should receive a "mercy amnesty".

First of all Eloina Meza, 44, entered this country in 1994 illegally and settled in the Denver area. She then was exploited by a business working for $4.50 an hour in a warehouse doing packaging. She also managed to get a job working for the US postal service and at a cafe named Pour la France in the Denver International Airport, two places that no illegal alien should be able to attain a job. One in a US government agency and another inside of a place that should be higher security. As can be seen further down she used fraudulent documents to obtain jobs at all of these places, thus making her a felon.

In 1998 she popped out her "anchor baby" named Edgar. Edgar turned out to have down syndrome and heart problems. He required three open-heart surgeries to put in a prosthetic mitral valve and a pacemaker. "He requires close supervision. His pacemaker needs to be checked monthly, and he needs to be monitored carefully due to the anticoagulants," said a letter from Dr. Robert Wolfe at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center. "Moving away from this center is potentially life-threatening for Edgar." This letter was obviously written to help in her case to stay in the US.

There doesn't appear to be a father in the picture as she's a single mother. It doesn't disclose if the father is also an illegal alien, but assuming he is, we have just inherited a "US citizen" from two illegal aliens who has lifelong medical problems.

So far she has cost the US taxpayers literally millions being here and for what? So some business could pay her a dollar less to pack some things in a warehouse?

The article goes on about how she lost her job at the airport because after 9/11 they checked Social Security numbers in a security crackdown and she was caught. So even in 2001 she wasn't arrested and deported after being discovered as a felon, she was let go. Five years later she is still here.

So what does Eloina Meza do today? She hasn't worked since 2001, lives with "friends" who help her pay the bills and gets 100% coverage for 8-year-old Edgar through Medicaid. I'm guessing her "friends" include US taxpayers who are probably providing her foodstamps and other welfare services and education through the "citizenship" of her son.

In a weird twist pro illegal alien supporters are decrying the ICE agency for turning her away, but not for the right reasons.

Immigrant-rights advocates call the ICE turn-away policy inhumane. "You ought to be able to turn yourself in," said Robert Deasy, spokesman for the American Immigration Lawyers Association in Washington, D.C.

Meza probably "is entitled" to stay in the country with her son under immigration-law provisions that grant legal status to people in the country illegally for more than 10 years who also can prove an exceptional humanitarian need, Deasy said, "but the enforcement priorities of the Department of Homeland Security do not appear to include enforcement activities that will benefit a deserving individual."

Yes Mr. Deasy, American taxpayers don't give her anything. We've only paid for the birth of her son, multiple open heart surgery operations on him and monthly care for the past 8 years. We are evil and inhumane.

Here's what Tom Tancredo has to say about this ridiculousness.

U.S. Rep. Tom Tancredo - a leading immigration hard-liner in Congress, which recently pushed through millions of dollars to toughen enforcement - also is incensed.

"Is a policeman going to say, 'I'm sorry, I can't take you in right now because I've got to direct traffic?"' asked Tancredo, a Littleton Republican.

"(ICE agents) have a responsibility to enforce the law," he said. "... And they can't use the old excuse about resources. They've gotten a lot more. What are they using that for? What do they need resources for if that person walked in? They don't have to search for them."

Now I challenge you to go read the full article and tell me if you get anything out of it that she is a lawbreaking, ID fraudster and felon who has breached our security numerous times, lives off the public dole and in general has been a major cost to the citizens of America since her arrival 12 years ago.

You might think I'm heartless, but the reality is that these sob story articles about poor illegal aliens are starting to wear on me. America didn't ask her to come here, she broke in, and now 12 years later we're supposed to feel sorry for her being a single mom with a handicapped son who is stealing from our pocketbooks? Where is the Mexican government to support her? Why should we have to pay for the irresponsibility of a foreign national and her criminal actions and general recklessness of having a child with a deadbeat dad? Where is the personal responsibility?

We've got enough people in this country in a similar situation to Eloina Meza that are US citizens, have paid far more into the system and remained law abiding and in my opinion - and by law - they come first. So until all of our citizens are taken care of we shouldn't be expected to take care of every other countries citizens.

Tell me why I'm wrong in the comments below.

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Posted by Digger on November 16, 2006 08:20 AM (Permalink)

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You are absolutely correct! We need to take care of our own. Mexico can take care of their own. I can only imagine what Mexico would have to say if this situation was reversed. Mexico talks about open borders but that only applies to our borders being open and not theirs. Why is it when we don’t take care of the illegal aliens we are considered inhuman, but Mexico is never held responsible or called inhuman for creating the entire situation in the first place?


Posted by: JD on November 17, 2006 10:25 AM

Hmm. And what makes any person more worth caring for than any other? Are we reduced to lifeboat ethics? Are we in a lifeboat?

Posted by: Jimmy on November 22, 2006 05:37 PM

Interestingly enough, I am married to a man who has a child here. His child was born by a woman in the same situation as her - an illegal. This child was born with major heart problems and he has had three heart surgeries and four other surgeries and is fully covered by medicaid. His mother lives on the SSI money he gets from the government and food stamps and again, she lives with friends. The difference is, my husband, a law abiding hard working American, is fighting for custody in court for his son and he is losing! Despite the fact that she doesn't have a job, has been arrested for domestic violence, lives with friends and lives off of child support and government money, the court still is unwaivering. She is the same "sob" story and people feel sorry for her, so it gives her an excuse. She has now been here for 7 years and still refuses to learn or speak any English. What I can't understand is not only has she not been deported, but our government is supporting her and her son, EVEN though his father is capable and willing to take care of him. I am with you 100% on this case and it is maddening that it happens so often. What is worse, these mothers are irresponsible, yet allowed to play victims and drain our tax dollars and use their children to do so. Thank you for writting this article.

Posted by: AC on December 8, 2006 11:38 AM

leticia olalia morales of 15501 pasadena ave #8 tustin ca 92780 submitted fake documents and paid 5000.00 dollars to obtain a US tourist visa. she is now applying for citizenship

Posted by: anonymous on April 3, 2011 03:34 AM

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