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Illegal Alien Supporters Seek Hazleton Donation List And Personal Information

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Illegal Alien proponents fighting the Hazleton, Pennsylvania Illegal Immigration Relief Act and the Landlords Tenant Registration Act are now seeking the personal information on everyone who has donated to their legal defense fund to fight for implementation of the laws.

Claiming that Hazleton is breaking the law by not disclosing the donors, groups including the American Civil Liberties Union and Puerto Rican Legal Defense and Education Fund made the argument.

However, those opposed to releasing the donors list say that donors could face harassment and threats from those opposed to the ordinances. I agree.

Times Leader

... [Jarrod Tranguch, an attorney working for the city solicitor] maintains that the state Right to Know Law excludes mandatory release of any record or document, access to or publication of which would prejudice or impair a person’s reputation or personal security. He cited case law he said defines “personal security” as “freedom from harm, danger, fear or anxiety.”

“If the names and other identifying information on the checks were accessible or publicized, those people would be expected to be subject to harassment, intimidation, verbal abuse and possibly physical harm from those who oppose the Ordinance or the City’s position on illegal immigration,” Tranguch wrote.

Tranguch said disclosing the names of donors could prejudice or impair their reputations because “those who have been in favor the Ordinance and the City’s position on illegal immigration have been improperly labeled by opponents as racists and bigots.”

Tranguch added that allowing access to “the requested checks” would be disseminating “private information including: individuals’ names, addresses, phone numbers, financial institutions and checking account numbers.”

As of the time of this article the city's legal defense fund had just over $32,000 dollars in it. Just another example of bully tactics by large groups such as the ACLU.

There is no reason for these groups to have this list other than to intimidate, harass and potentially release it to radical groups who would threaten those who want law and order in that city and our country.

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Posted by Digger on November 14, 2006 03:18 PM (Permalink)

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Isn't there someway that the ACLU can be sued? They are the worst TERROREST this country has ever seen. They are also supposedly a non-profit organization, so they can spend countless donated monies against organizations that have to account for their monies. That puts others at a huge disadvantage. But they are so outrages someone has to do something soon! Anything it takes to bring down this great nation they will do.

Posted by: snowman197 on November 15, 2006 06:50 PM

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