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Self Deportation In Action In Georgia And Pennsylvania

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Hazleton, Pennsylvania enacted the Illegal Immigration Relief Act cracking down on illegal aliens and those who employ and rent to them. Since then there has been a rash of "self-deportation" going on. Illegal aliens have left of their own rather than face actual immigration enforcement.


This small hillside city in northeastern Pennsylvania has yet to enforce a tough, first-of-its-kind law targeting illegal immigrants, but evidence suggests that many Hispanics — illegal or otherwise — have already left. That has hobbled the city's Hispanic business district, where shops that flourished only six months ago have either closed or are struggling to stay open.


The ordinance, approved by the City Council last month and scheduled to take effect Wednesday, imposes fines on landlords who rent to illegal immigrants and denies business permits to companies that give them jobs. The law empowers the city's Code Enforcement Office to investigate written complaints about a person's immigration status, using a database operated by the federal government

[Mayor Lou] Barletta ... said he sympathizes with struggling Hispanic business owners. But he said the fact their revenues are down is proof the city has a problem with illegal immigration.

"I've said from the beginning my goal was to make Hazleton one of the toughest cities in America for illegal aliens," he said. "Today, if I was an illegal alien, I certainly wouldn't pick Hazleton as my home."

Crime statistics for the last few months are not yet available, but Chief Bob Ferdinand said he has heard from his officers that they are not responding to as many calls. "Things appear to be quieter and appear to have calmed down somewhat," he said

I'm not anti-business by any stretch of the imagination (see my bio), but if your business depends on illegal aliens, either as customers or employees, then you deserve to go out of business. Go start a legal business and stop trying to capitalize off the breaking of our laws.

Hazleton is not alone. Other places like Georgia are seeing illegal aliens running for the hills. Governor Sonny Purdue put through the Security and Immigration Compliance Act which will deny services to illegal aliens, check legal status upon arrest and impose severe crackdowns on employers of illegal aliens.

The funny thing is that illegal aliens are pissed off about it. These laws are having the intended effect though of making these illegal aliens "self deport", unfortunately they are running for other states.

Running Africa

It turns out that 3 out of every 5 illegal immigrants have expressed outraged over the new law called the Security and Immigration Compliance Act. Most of them told our pollster of their plans to leave the state for a much easier life in states where the immigration law is more flexible.

The new law, passed a few months ago by the Georgia state legislature, will make it harder for illegal immigrants to get access to social services and will punish companies that hire undocumented workers. It requires anyone applying for state aid to first be verified that they are in the state legally and employers with state contracts are being held accountable as well. Those who do not verify immigration status before hiring anyone will be sanctioned, according to the new law. Police are also required to check the immigration status of anyone arrested in Georgia. In the past, they were not required to verify that a detained individual was in the state of Georgia legally.

Thousands of illegal immigrants including Liberians are likely to relocate to avoid the wrath of Georgia's new immigration law.... Illegal immigrants from other countries revealed their outright plans to relocate. They have cited their fears of encountering police in Georgia.

Now if we could just get some actual federal action on cracking down on illegal immigration, they would all leave.

Tipped by: Dustin Inman Society ( via Freedom Folks)

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