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Federal Reserve Endorses Illegal Immigration, Terrorism And Drug Smuggling With 'Directo A Mexico' Program

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The Federal Reserve has joined forces with Banco de Mexico -- the Mexican central bank -- to form a program called Directo a Mexico. This program will allow illegal aliens to more easily send money home to Mexico -- known as remittances in Mexico -- without the threat of bring discovered and deported.

The Federal Reserve even went as far as a full blown road show this summer promoting the program and touting the fact that the service will only cost a third of the what illegal immigration enablers like Western Union charge.

Simply reading the story below should outrage you at the direct support and encouragement that our government is giving to illegal aliens, but it should also perk your ears up at the potential uses of such a system by drug traffickers, smugglers and terrorists with its lack of identification needed to use the system.

Wall Street Journal

A new remittance program aims to bring Mexican migrants who send money home into the mainstream U.S. financial system, regardless of their immigration status.

Dubbed "Directo a Mexico," the remittance program enables U.S. commercial banks to make money transfers for Mexican workers through the Federal Reserve's own automated clearinghouse, which is linked to Banco de Mexico, the Mexican central bank.

To use the service, a Mexican need only possess a matricula consular, an I.D. issued by the Mexican consulate in most major U.S. cities to those with proof of Mexican birth or citizenship, or a picture I.D. card issued by the U.S. or another foreign government. The idea is to make it cheaper and safer for Mexican workers to send funds to their relatives.


Banks that offer the service hope to attract new customers. Indeed, one of the Federal Reserve Bank's goals is to use the program as a springboard for drawing hundreds of thousands of immigrants into the formal U.S. banking system since commercial banks require that those wanting the service first open a savings account.

"People who didn't have bank accounts establish a relationship with us," says James Maloney, chairman of Mitchell Bank in Milwaukee, one of the first banks to offer the Federal Reserve Bank's remittance plan. "It's great for our business."

Acknowledging that many Mexicans sending money home are illegal immigrants, the Federal Reserve's brochure poses the following frequently asked question: "If I return to Mexico or am deported, will I lose the money in my bank account?" The answer: "No. The money still belongs to you and can be easily accessed at an ATM in Mexico using your debit card."

The Matricula Consular is easily forged. On top of this any illegal alien with a US photo ID has obviously used some sort of fraud, such as identity theft, to obtain it. Then they mention that you can use a photo ID from another foreign government. That's right, just show your photo ID from Syria to use our Federal Reserve "Directo A Mexico" program to transfer some money to your terrorist buddies also using fraudulent documents in Mexico.

It's a win-win! (For everybody except the American people)

The greedy business people in banks are overjoyed at being able to provide this service. I mean who cares that you're encouraging more law breaking and illegal immigration as long as you get your nickel in the end. It's just another form of unfair competitive business practices used against those businesses in this country who actually try to run their businesses by the laws of this country.

I'm pro-business, but not at the cost of our nation and people like James Maloney at the Mitchell Bank in Milwaukee should be decried for the unAmerican opportunists that they are.

With government agencies actually able to implement their own "immigration reform" programs like this with no ability for the people of this nation to have a say in it, just shows the utter corruption inside of our government. While we fight hard with our elected officials in Washington to get a small piece of legislation through to combat illegal immigration into our country and protect our homeland, agencies like the Federal Reserve make wide sweeping endorsements and entitlements to illegal aliens who make it here.

There is simply no way this problem will be solved until we get real true reformers put into the White House. Men like Tom Tancredo who will ensure that our immigration issue is actually addressed with the best interests and wants of the American people and our country at heart.

Other Commentary:

Michelle Malkin who says "A fence ain't gonna fix this."
Daily Pundit who says "Did I mention I won't be voting for any of the members of the party of President George W. Bush (spit) this fall?"

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Just another example of the illegal immigrant enablers in the US federal government. As long as their business buddies get rich, to hell with any consequences. They don't care about normal Americans, they just want sources of money and wealth.

Posted by: NMS on October 13, 2006 05:47 PM

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