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RINO Sightings - Where For Art Thou AJ Strata Edition

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Raging Rinos
This is the RINO Sightings for October 2, 2006 - The "Where For Art Thou AJ of the Strata-Sphere Edition".

AJ's disappeared and in his stead I have taken the belated RINO Sightings this week.

Below are some of the best posts from around the "RINOSphere". These aren't your typical RINO's, these are Republicans and Independents Not Overdosed (on the party Kool Aid). If you are interested in joining the Raging RINOs head over to the official Raging RINOs website

OK Down to the goodies:

Don Surber investigates "The 9/11 Blue Dress" a video tape released of Bin Laden and Mohammed Atta while Clinton was still in office. Don argues that this is the "blue dress" evidence to Bill Clinton's outburst last week. Was Clinton really angry or was it just an outburst to cover up for a lie that he did everything he could to kill Osama Bin Laden? It was fairly reminiscent of his "I did not have sex with that woman" rage.

Muqtada Al-Sadr, I say we shoulda killed that bastard when we were fighting his troops in that cemetery, but instead we make nicey nice with this terrorist. DANEgerus takes a look at his dental plan and that the US is preventing the return of Mahdi.

Enrevanche on the release of Part of the National Intelligence Estimate being declassified and a very interesting post on the
Myth of Overscheduled children. Those little boogers need to be busy, lest they get into trouble I say, but is it really true that they are overly burdened?

The Commissar at The Politburo Diktat brings us On Killing 4,000 Bad Guys. Should we be killing terrorists or "cutting off their supplies". Read what the "U.S. Army Counterinsurgency Field Manual (FM3-24)" has to say about it.

Classical Values tackles the Shame on America bandwagon. Should we really be ashamed of America like Jimmy Carter, Hillary Clinton and Oliver Stone seem to want us to be? If you listen to the constant bashing of our country from within you'd think that these people were leaders of foreign nations.

Searchlight Crusade gives us a Book Review on The Geek Gap By Bill Pfleging and Minda Zetlin. It's a book about communicating between "suits" (businessfolk) and "geeks" (technical folk). I don't know about you, but having worn both hats I'd say it's near impossible. Why? Because geeks usually have an almost religious view of their abilities and knowledge and business folks just don't give a hoot, they just want stuff to make money. So they'll normally treat geeky stuff with a nonchalance that just pisses geeks off. As for geeks, they view business as just a way to get some nickels to buy ramen and coke.

And finally Decision '08 brings us the cheerful Living With A Nuclear Iran. I mean I couldn't think of a more beautiful thing to think about this fine morning. I mean with Iran having a nuke that would keep the world safe, right?

That wraps up this weeks RINO Sightings. You can cruise all the RINO websites on my RINO blogroll on the sidebar or head over to the RINO Website

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Posted by Digger on October 4, 2006 07:11 AM (Permalink)

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Quite an eclectic bunch. Nice round up Digger.

Posted by: Jane on October 4, 2006 09:11 AM

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